Farrukh Shukurov From Releven Predicts Exponential Growth for Blockchain Startups

In a recent interview, Farrukh Shukurov, the visionary CEO and founder of market research firm Releven, emphasized the exponential growth trajectory awaiting blockchain startups. As more sectors begin integrating blockchain technology into their processes and with increasing interest from both institutional and retail investors, Shukurov believes the conditions are optimal for blockchain startups to thrive.

“Based on our analysis at Releven, there are several technology sectors that appear very promising for startup investments in 2023. However, I would highlight web 3.0 and blockchain as sectors poised for exponential growth given recent market trends,” said Shukurov. 

His recent report, Trends of Growth in Web 3.0 and Blockchain Markets: Releven Analysis, underscores key growth drivers in these sectors, including increased corporate investments and enhanced regulatory clarity.

The Releven Approach to Market Research

What sets Releven apart in the crowded market research landscape is its tailored approach. Unlike traditional agencies that might offer a one-size-fits-all model, Releven adapts its methodologies to align with the rapidly evolving needs of IT startups.

“Our agile, real-time, and collaborative approach is tailored to meet the needs of fast-paced startups,” Shukurov explained. He emphasized the combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the market, enabling startups to strategize effectively for sustainable growth.

The Importance of Market Research for Startups

Many startups, in their early stages, tend to neglect the importance of quality market research, often leading to misguided strategies. Shukurov identified key barriers such as resource constraints and a potential overconfidence in internal assumptions.

“There is often a lack of comprehensive insights to guide strategy. By offering tailored market research services, we empower these innovative companies to make more informed, data-driven decisions,” Shukurov pointed out. He further cautioned startups against biases that may lead to incomplete insights, reiterating the importance of an external, data-driven perspective.

The Promise of Web3 and Future Trends

Shukurov’s optimism isn’t limited to just blockchain. He identified web3 as another promising sector, ready to redefine the digital landscape. For blockchain and web3 startups, Shukurov sees significant opportunities in decentralized finance, healthcare AI, clean energy, and quantum computing. Each sector presents a unique set of challenges and promises, with a common goal of utilizing technology to address real-world needs.

On the future of market research, Shukurov said, “I foresee a rise in leveraging real-time data through online communities and user analytics. Innovative passive data collection and predictive analytics techniques may also gain prominence.” The integration of AI and machine learning in data analysis will further refine the insights derived from market research, offering companies a tangible competitive advantage.

Key Takeaways

Exponential Growth for Blockchain: Farrukh Shukurov sees a bright future for blockchain startups. Given the prevailing market conditions and increased investments in the sector, blockchain is set to be one of the major beneficiaries of technological advancements in the coming years.

Tailored Market Research: Releven’s success is rooted in its tailored approach to market research. Catering specifically to the dynamic needs of IT startups, the firm blends qualitative and quantitative techniques to provide actionable insights.

Need for Comprehensive Insights: Startups must understand the critical importance of market research. Avoiding over-reliance on internal assumptions and actively seeking comprehensive external insights can be game-changing for a startup’s trajectory.

Web3’s Rising Influence: Beyond blockchain, web3 is emerging as a transformative force in the digital landscape. It presents numerous opportunities across various sectors, from decentralized finance to quantum computing.

Future of Market Research: The market research industry is set for significant transformations. Real-time data collection, predictive analytics, and the integration of AI and machine learning will redefine how insights are derived and leveraged.

Balancing Vision and Data: While having a clear vision is crucial for startups, especially in areas like web3, it’s equally important to rely on data for validation. This balance ensures that businesses remain innovative while grounded in reality.

Areas for Mainstream Crypto Traction: Decentralized finance, digital payments, tokenized assets, and educational initiatives stand out as primary sectors where cryptocurrency can gain widespread adoption, providing real-world utility.


The insights shared by Farrukh Shukurov present a promising picture for blockchain and web3 startups, emphasizing the need for quality market research to guide their path. As these sectors continue to evolve, the guidance from experienced professionals like Shukurov will be invaluable in ensuring startups make informed decisions and tap into their full potential.

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