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Facebook aims to release its crypto currency on 18th June; check all details right here!


Facebook aims to release its crypto currency on 18th June; check all details right here!

The social media giant Facebook is ultimately ready to make the details about its cryptocurrency apparent. As per the reports, it is codenamed as Libra. According to the sources, Facebook has scheduled to release the basics of it on 18th June.

It is here to note that the Head of Financial Services & Payment Partnerships for Northern Europe Laura McCracken of the company has stated to German magazine Wirtschafts Woche‘s Sebastian Kirsch that the cryptocurrency would be put into different kind of currencies, instead of simply the US dollar to avoid the variations in the currencies.

However, Facebook has declined to comment any further regarding anything in this context. It is also speculated that the announcement date may be changed if certain issues with the government are not settled. There is also the sources those claim that Facebook is aiming for a 2020 proper launch of its much-anticipated cryptocurrency with full preparation.

Changing scenarios to expect after Facebook’s cryptocurrency arrives

The arrival of Facebook’s cryptocurrency is expected to open a new dimension of transactions over social media. It is expected to come up with the features of free of cost transactions between the friends, people in groups, donations, etc.

It is also expected to hit the e-commerce industries greatly. The financial experts speculate about most of the renowned e-commerce platforms to collaborate with Facebook keeping its huge user base in the eye. Specifically, as it is easy to get about the details of the users, what they prefer to buy, from where they prefer to buy, etc., most of the e-commerce companies would show interest in its cryptocurrency.

Confusions regarding name

Moreover, the advertising opportunity that Facebook provides makes it one of the preferred platforms among investors. Anyway, the irony is that not much reliable information has been received about the upcoming cryptocurrency of Facebook. It is confirmed very much that Facebook is going to call its cryptocurrency as Libra.

Earlier some reports had to claim that Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be called as the Global Coin. However, the recent reports claim that it is going to be called Libra. Reports claim that the social media giant has already a company as Libra Networks in Switzerland. It is claimed that Facebook has registered the company as

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