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Everything you need to know about ChainX Revolution

ChainX is one of the biggest crypto exchange based in Korea and growing fast. Now Korean top 3 exchange in Coinmarketcap. It offers buyers to get the right of entry  KRW fiat/cryptos pairs, charging 0 deposit costs. 

ChainX is the only Korean exchange that gets investment from and aid from NGC.

ChainX is a meeting of the minds as tons as it is a promising trade, it’s the fruit of Korea’s greatest alternate developers coming together to create a higher buying and selling environment. The founders draw experience from their time on the likes of Coinzest, Coinbit, and GDAC, whom are growing stars inside the Korean exchange scene.

Blockburn listed on chainx and The first round of fundraising was sold out within the first day of the IEO’s start.

How we can start trading at chainX
1. Go to the ChainX web website (chainx.Kr), Click [Login] from the menu and for login input your details
2. The transaction display of ChainX

– The show location of the contemporary trading pair in 24h Volume
– The display region of sale/purchase fee
– The show location of the chart
– The purchase/promote vicinity
– The display of the latest completed transaction rate

3. If you want to sell coin together with your BTC/ETH, Enter the sell place, refer to the token/coin price at the left, pick out a right sale charge and enter the volume, click on the button of the “Sell”, then you could end your sale. (Buy Token is similar to Sell)

Maker and Taker Cost at Chainx
ChainX rate no costs for cryptocurrency deposits, Trading prices have a distinction of a “maker” rate or a “taker” price.

Maker costs are paid whilst you upload liquidity to our order e-book by placing a restrict order under the taker charge for buy, and above the taker charge for promotion. Taker fees are paid while you take away liquidity from our order e book by way of putting any order this is executed towards an order on the order e book.

If you buy or sell the use of a market order, you’ll pay the taker price due to the fact a marketplace order right away eliminates liquidity (other investors’ offers) from the order book. If you place a hidden order, you may constantly pay the taker price. If you place a restrict order that fits a hidden order, you may constantly pay the maker charge.

How does chainX charge for withdrawal?
The withdrawal charges vary For an outline of withdrawal expenses, please go to chainx.Kr/expenses.

Foreigners are also welcome to join ChainX
Foreigners can be a part of ChainX as well. If you are a foreigner who wishes to enroll in ChainX, please sign on and add the following files on [Account] – [Security] – Submit verification files
1. Photocopy of your passport
2. Photo of your self preserving your passport
3. Documents to show your residential address

Some Important links
ChainX official website:
ChainX Official Telegram:
ChainX official announcement channel:
ChainX KakaoTalk official open chat room:
ChainX Coinmarketcap:

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