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European market leader in financial education: German Neo Broker convinces with stock market coaches

Market investing is ever evolving with new strategies, companies and brokers. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency in 2009, this new market has become increasingly popular amongst younger investors. They see a great potential for crypto growth and earnings in the future as this market becomes more well understood.

Young and new investors often trade without much market background knowledge due to how difficult they find it to obtain objective expert opinions. This, in addition to many new coins entering the market that have no clear application and vision, can be a recipe for trading disaster.

Crypto and stock markets are ever changing and volatile, especially due to external factors such as tweets by influential investors or expert opinions becoming public. This is making financial education for clients even more important for brokers to offer. Young investors are more willing to take risky trades, making them the most important to protect and support through expertise strengthening.

Nextmarkets is the leading NeoBroker in Europe concerning financial education and the first to present their specific approach to free financial education. They offer investors 300 analyses per month from 17 different stock market coaches. Customers of Nextmarkets do not pay a cent for their transaction if the order volume is at least €250. If the order volume is lower, you still only pay one euro per trade.

Since their start in 2014, Nextmarkets has taken the lead in European NeoBrokers concerning financial education. Brothers Manuel Heyden (CEO) and Dominic Heyden (CTO) began Nextmarkets in Cologne, Germany and now serve investors worldwide. More than 7,000 shares and 1,000 ETFs can be traded with their Neo-Broker. Thus, investors can access a large portfolio of investment opportunities. With stock market coaches who have gone through a strict selection procedure, their financial information and education is valid and reliable for new investors.

CEO and founder Manuel Heyden says, “Investors / newcomers are systematically taking too much risk, according to numerous scientific studies. No investor should trade on the stock market without proper money and risk management. We also provide our clients with numerous coaches and trainers who give them a lot of expertise – free of charge, of course.”

Allowing new investors access to expert information gives them the ability to make well calculated trades, giving them a fair chance to work alongside larger and more experienced accounts. Providing free financial advice benefits both the broker and the investor. This information allows investors to become more successful which keeps them in the market longer and provides more clients for helpful brokers. Giving access to this difficult to obtain education and knowledge is a win-win approach for both parties.

The crypto market is constantly growing and increasing in terms of investments and investors. This is creating a larger need for clarity regarding the stock exchange. Experts are some of the only ones who can help new and young traders learn how to navigate these changes and shifts within the market.

When new traders go looking for information regarding the market, they need to know that the expert they’re receiving it from is reliable. Transparency is the only way to ensure this. Manuel Hayden also goes on to say, “When it comes to trading and investing, many providers often lack transparency. That shouldn’t be the case. That’s why at Nextmarkets all steps are comprehensible.”

Providing financial information to new traders is only half of the battle. Making sure it’s presented to them in a way that they can understand is what ensures they will be able to successfully implement it into their trading. In doing so, brokers are able to build a strong relationship with profitable investors.

Building the abilities of traders in such a volatile and evolving market is the key for broker success. Nextmarkets has introduced a way to do so that will benefit both investors and brokers as they navigate the changing markets together.

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