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Ethernal Labs and Ethernity Collaborate with Bruce Lee Family Companies to Launch “Bruce Lee: The Year of The Dragon” Digital Collectibles Collection

Los Angeles, United States, December 15th, 2023, Chainwire

In a landmark collaboration, Ethernal Labs, together with the Bruce Lee Family Companies and Ethernity, is proud to announce the launch of the “Bruce Lee: The Year of The Dragon” digital collectibles collection. This innovative collection, featuring five unique digital statues, is set to debut on December 16th at 12pm EST, exclusively on the Ethernity marketplace.

Nick Rose Ntertsas, CEO and Co-Founder of Ethernal Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Collaborating with the Bruce Lee Family Companies to bring this digital collection to life has been an incredible journey. These collectibles, blending artistry with Bruce Lee’s timeless philosophy, mark a significant milestone in the world of licensed digital collectibles.”

The collection is limited to just 500 editions, each priced at $99 and available to purchase with the ERN token or Credit Card, presenting a rare opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Available through an intriguing ‘Dojo’ mystery box format, the collection features five distinct digital statues, each meticulously crafted to represent a key element of Bruce Lee’s profound martial arts philosophy and his enduring legacy.

The collectibles in the series include:

  • COMMON: Be Water, My Friend – A digital embodiment of Bruce Lee’s famous mantra, symbolizing the fluidity and adaptability of his teachings.
  • RARE: Jeet Kune Do – Capturing the essence of Bruce Lee’s own martial art, reflecting personal expression and practicality.
  • EPIC: Deadly Game – Featuring the iconic yellow tracksuit, this collectible symbolizes the adaptability and versatility at the heart of Lee’s philosophy.
  • LEGENDARY: Destroy the Image – A representation of transcending limitations and shattering the illusions of traditional martial arts.
  • GRAIL: The Dragon Apprentice – Honoring Bruce Lee’s journey from a dedicated student under Yip Man to a master of martial arts.

Those who collect all five statues will be rewarded with a special 6th ‘Supreme’ edition and 100 ERN tokens from Ethernity as a reward for their Bruce Lee fandom. In addition, every collector who acquires a statue from the collection will be entered into a special Lunar New Year giveaway where they receive a digital red envelope in their Ethernity account, symbolizing good fortune and containing various rewards. These could range from additional ERN tokens and Stones rewards points, which are redeemable for physical or digital goods on the Ethernity website.This celebratory giveaway not only honors the Lunar New Year but also serves as a token of gratitude to the community, blending tradition with the innovative spirit of the collection.

The collection will be available exclusively on the Ethernity marketplace which provides an essential platform for this collaboration. Ethernity ensures that this collection not only celebrates Bruce Lee’s legacy but also represents the future of digital collectibles through advanced utility. 

In appreciation of the community’s support, those who previously invested in the “Bruce Lee: The Formless Form” collection will receive early access to the “Year of The Dragon” collection, highlighting the importance of community.

About Ethernal Labs:

Ethernal Labs is renowned as a premier creative and technology studio. Our expertise lies in crafting exceptional digital products that resonate with major brands and leading entertainment franchises. We are dedicated to revolutionizing brand experiences through cutting-edge strategies in the dynamic digital landscape. Our focus is on forging distinctive products that not only amplify brand presence but also deepen community engagement and invigorate intellectual property interaction. At Ethernal Labs, we are committed to redefining the boundaries of digital engagement and brand evolution.

About Ethernity:

Ethernity stands at the forefront of the digital asset revolution, leading the charge with its groundbreaking ecosystem that intertwines community-driven digital collectibles, captivating interactive media, and pioneering tokenized assets and services. Ethernity distributes both content from established IP and original content across a spectrum of media platforms, while also innovating in the realm of decentralized applications that harness the power of next-generation tokenized assets. At the heart of our mission is the fusion of art, technology, and community, creating a vibrant and engaging digital landscape that redefines the experience of fandom and digital ownership.

About the Bruce Lee Family Companies:

Bruce Lee, LLC, a global licensing business and one of the Bruce Lee Family Companies, seeks to cultivate and respect the intellectual property of Bruce Lee by partnering with companies who understand and embody Bruce Lee’s values.  The products and content we create seek to open hearts, stimulate imagination and make us feel connected to one another through the cultivation of our individual talents.  In doing this, we look for partners who inspire and energize us, who can create emotional experiences (not just products), who use superlative quality and have creative mastery in their field, and who are open-minded, kind and down to earth.


James Aitken
[email protected]

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