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Ethereum may possibly face an attack


Recently Parity, an Ethereum client lead made an announcement to the public and its users to update to the latest versions. The updates namely v2.6.8 beta and v2.5.13 stable are supposed to solve the potential risk involved with a possible attack underway on Ethereum. 

With the crypto market scaling as high as possible and the next year probably going to the most crucial phase for the crypto space. There has been a lot of improvements in the blockchain technology and so is the possible threats along with it. 


This move is in reaction towards a situation when the company found a glitch where many of the nodes in the network weren’t syncing. This issue is definitely seen with utmost seriousness as it can potentially allow an attacker to enter into the Ethereum Blockchain space and cause potential damage. 

The updates released will protect the network from any sort of turbulence that will disrupt the working of the network. This proposed update will preferably protect the nodes against attack. Parity, an Ethereum client is pushing its users to update to the latest versions as soon as possible to avoid possible threats and attacks.

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Parity took onto twitter primarily and many other social media platforms to ensure that they cover almost everyone on their network. The link to the updates has been given along with the posts so that the users can directly update the nodes from the links. The official patch is available for the traders at GitHub. 

Parity is urging the users to go for the update regardless of whether they experience any issues or not. This is to ensure that a successful attack on any of the one node can possibly be reflected into the other nodes as well. 

ETC cooperative is also on full sweeps to make sure that the information reaches every trader and they took the same to Twitter as well to cover ground. The issue isn’t new on the Ethereum network. Recently an update from Ice age on the Ethereum network proposed to slow down the entire main net of Ethereum. All these issues are growing by the day and many Ethereum clients are bracing themselves to avoid impact from potential attacks. 

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