Ethereum Classic Price Today

Ethereum Classic - BTC Price Graph

The Story of Original Ethereum

Ethereum classic, one of the original Ethereum cryptocurrencies, is an open-source blockchain-based decentralised computing platform with smart contract system features. Ethereum blockchain allows developers to run different application well. Distributed blockchain system enhances security and facilitates better execution of smart contracts.  

Ethereum Classic price for today is $3.85 with a current circulating supply of 107 Million coins and a total volume exchange of $130,998,141.

Ethereum Price Analysis for Today

Ethereum Price excellent price today is equal to 3.973 USD.

With a historical index of 89.9 per cent, Ethereum Classic, ETC is a substantial investment to hold. The ETC price charts forecast that it’s one of the most outstanding long-term investment in the cryptocurrency market right now. You must keep the investment for one year to earn profit from Ethereum excellent price in USD. The term of investment should, however, depend on your risk appetite and trading style.

Ethereum prices change every three minutes. Technical analysis using the latest price helps in deciding whether you should keep or leave the trade.

According to technical analysis of Ethereum Classic price today, the digital currency is showing signs of reasonable return. If you invest 100 USD on, you can buy 25.167ETC. By 2023, the Ethereum excellent price will be $637.07 in return of $100 investment made today.

What Are Ethereum Classic Price Projecting?

Are you wondering whether Ethereum classic will continue to show growth? Yes. Ethereum Classic prices will rise steadily based on current price movement. The Ethereum excellent price in USD is expected to go up to USD 5.599 from 3.973 in one year. Thus, the cryptocurrency is showing a potential of +40.93 per cent of the growth in earning within one year.

Even though Ethereum Classic market is dynamic with prices updates coming in minutes, the prices are less likely to fall or drop from its current position. The Ethereum Classic price is predicted to be 25.311 USD by 2023.

Usually, crypto market growth ends with a crash. We have seen it happen to most trending cryptocurrencies. Will Ethereum Classic end up being in such a bubble? According to the price analysis and predictions, it looks like Ethereum Classic will not crash – at least not shortly.

Is It the Next Bitcoin?

Now comes the big question – is Ethereum Classic the next Bitcoin? Although ETC is showing steady growth, it cannot be expected to overtake Bitcoin any time soon. Why? Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic price is rising at a lower and more constant rate.

How is Ethereum Classic performing in the market?

From last few months to the Ethereum Classic price today, the price analysis shows that the market environment was bearish in the cycle. But the price trend is showing positive signs.

Considering bearish past and positive future predictions, you must keep it as a part of your portfolio. Trading and earning in a bull market are more comfortable in comparison to bear market. Therefore, you can use some investment strategies to profit in current market circumstances.

Ethereum Classic Price Predictions for End 2018 & Early 2019

As it is a famous cryptocurrency, no more forks to Ethereum Classic is assured. Thus, meaning the cryptocurrency will retain its current price. And in the dynamic market of cryptocurrency, when prices have retained the chances of profit are heightened.

Ethereum Classic is considered blue-chip cryptocurrency and adds security to your crypto-portfolio.

You need to consider a few points before you invest based on Ethereum Classic price today. They are:

  1. The Ethereum Classic prices are rolling in favourable grounds. But right now, if you are thinking to invest at the current prices and past few months price analysis, Ethereum Classic price update rapidly. Currently, holding it for an extended period will fetch profitable returns. As of now, the short trades are not in the cards.
  2. Ethereum may have a vast number of applications. Focusing on just the price and historical data will not offer accurate predictions. You must understand and keep up with the underlying fundamentals of the platform.

Take away

Ethereum Classic price today is 3.973USD. The volatility of this cryptocurrency is lower in comparison to past 12-month price data.  Ethereum Classic seems to be stable right now making an excellent addition to your long-term portfolio. It is expected to offer fivefold return in 5 years. If you are investing Ethereum Classic, you must hold it for at least one year.