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Ethereum-based App Pepo Integrates Zoom for Live Streaming


As per the latest reports, Ethereum-based social media application Pepo has integrated with video conferencing app Zoom. Pepo is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the latest integration with Zoom is aimed to enable live streaming facilities. As of now, live streaming is available on the beta version, only for Pepo community admins, with a time restriction of three hours. However, anyone has access to just participate in live events. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has enhanced the trend of ‘Work from Home’ and hence video conferencing has become more eminent. This might be a reason for Pepo and Zoom’s recent collaboration.

Launched in October last year, Pepo is backed by the OST platform and is powered by ERC-20 type Pepo Tokens that are pegged in a 1:1 ration to OST tokens.

Video Conferencing Amid COVID-19 

As mentioned earlier, video conferencing has taken off in this lockdown scenario, and live video streaming platforms have benefited from this, both in terms of user base as well as share prices. 

Interestingly, many investors placed their bets to a similarly named gaming firm $ZOOM, as a result of which $ZOOM rose by almost 700% before the New York Securities and Exchange Commission struck brakes on it a couple of days ago. 

Zoom Alleged for Weak Privacy

There is no doubt that Zoom has experienced a massive surge in users after many countries imposed lockdowns to stop spreading of the dreaded COVID-19. It has however laid many eyes on the security aspects of Zoom. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) also issued a warning to Zoom users about the potentially weak privacy features of Zoom. 

The EFF alleged that Zoom administrators have full access to the video, audio, and chat transcripts of all calls made on the platform that are recorded by users. 


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