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Ethereum and the Predictions in 2020

Etherum is a blockchain protocol that enables users to send and receive funds from any corner of the world without needing to engage with a third party. Unlike bitcoin, there are many doors open for you other than making financial transactions if you own some Ethereum. With the help of this blockchain project, it was possible to host something called smart contract technology. This smart contract is a code that enables individuals to sign on an agreement without involving any intermediary. 

Predicting the future of a cryptocurrency is impossible, yet we need to do some. While surfing for predictions on the internet, a group of people might get it all wrong, while some others may get it right. 

Predictions are never guaranteed, and that’s why they are predictions, not guarantees. If they were assured, all of us would be rich and healthy by now. While investing in any cryptocurrency, not only Etherum, one should make sure that he or she thoroughly does his research. Do not invest in it just because you liked the tone of the predictions. 

Bitcoin and Etherum are two cryptocurrencies that are holding the first and second place in the Market Cap. According to the online analyst Bobby Ullery, these two currencies are supposed to keep 25% of the entire industry. Bobby predicts that these cryptocurrencies will likewise rule a total market capitalization of $4.5 trillion in 2020. 

Market capitalization is the method of comparing the total value of cryptocurrencies. This method is as simple as the real-world companies are valued. 

The reason that Etherum is holding the second most popular cryptocurrency for this long is the first and original smart contract blockchain project. The team on the back-end is quite talented, and they have been able to build trust throughout the community. Supposedly, Etherum will remain the best smart contract platform. 

However, it’s not a swear to the fact because a few problems are going on with Etherum’s scalability, and the developers badly need to figure them out. The developers have been trying hard and soul for betterment, but they have to make sure that they sort things out quickly. If it takes too long or they don’t come out victorious in the end, then other blockchains will take over the spot for sure. 

With the helping hands of online platforms, trading Etherum has become straightforward, especially trading Ethereum on eToro. These platforms let you diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the cryptocurrency’s highly volatile price. Besides, you have the chances of amplifying the trading power of the platform’s leverage and manage risks with the help of risk management tools. 

Etherum is worth trading as it is growing more and more, over the past years. It doesn’t matter if the value is going up or down, with CFDs, you can speculate and trade in the price movements of this altcoin. Hence, hold yourself tight, do your research, and invest in Ethereum to become one of the big fishes in the industry.


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