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ETCDEV Teamed Up With UTRUST to Integrate ETC Into UTRUST


UTRUST is a cryptocurrency payment platform hailing from Zug, Switzerland. Recently they have announced that they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ETCDEV (Ethereum Classic Devs Team) in order to integrate ETC cryptocoin into their platform.

Since Coinbase, US based platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency extended their support to ETC, the demand for ETC has been increasing and it is the right time for UTRUST to take the step of integrating with ETC. The best thing about this deal is that the whole process has been supported by Ethereum Classic Cooperative.

The recent decision of US SEC related to the denial of considering Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as securities made sure that ETC is not a security and eliminated all the suspicions related to it.

According to Bitcoin PR Buzz the CEO and Co-Founder of UTRUST Nuno Correia stated that “Etherum Classic is one such bitcoin which has institutional demand similar to BitCoin and Etherum. “

As the demand for ETC has been increasing tremendously, UTRUST wants to make the payment easy for all the ETC holders and even provide them with a reliable payment solution which they can trust.

UTRUST is Adding ETC to their Crypto Payments Platform

“Blockchain platforms showed a huge impact on the normal payment methods and disrupted them.  At UTRUST, we believe in offering a special protection layer for the payments made on the platform and provide easy, fast and cost effective transaction facility for all the Ethereum Classic holders” stated by Correia.

To be precise, UTRUST acts as a third party mediator who holds the funds for a certain point of time until the buyer receives the product or the service for which they had paid.

UTRUST makes sure that they settle any kind of disputes that usually arise between the buyer and seller similar to other centralized payment platforms like Paypal.

UTRUST works with only reliable cryptocurrencies that are high in demand and have the future scope of getting adopted broadly. They are teaming up with ETC as it has been showing its growth potential and has been adopted widely by more cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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