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ErisX joins the Digital Commerce Chamber of the US


ErisX joins the Digital Commerce Chamber of the US

The digital currency trading provider, ErisX has recently said it would join the Commerce Chamber of the US. On the other hand, the Digital Commerce Chamber is one of the dominant trade associations. The organization firmly believes in advocating the blockchain technology industry along with digital asset in the industry.

On the 18th of July 2019, a press release concerning the collaboration between Digital Commerce Chamber and ErisX came into being. The premise of the press release states that ErisX is finally becoming an integral part of the US’s Digital Commerce Chamber. Rather than being a leading trade association, Chamber is also a leading advocacy group which beliefs in promoting digital assets.

ErisX to collaborate with the industry leaders

ErisX is collaborating with significant other leaders of the industry, namely, Medici Ventures, Fidelity Investment, R3, TrustToken, Accenture, among others. Medici Ventures is a part of, whereas R3 is a blockchain software enterprise, and TrustToken is an evolving stablecoin platform.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of ErisX, Thomas Chippas, the new venture would help the cryptocurrency market. According to Chippas, the Digital Commerce Chamber and its initiative members are going to cooperate with ErisX’s objective. ErisX aims at improving the scenario of investing landscape as well as digital asset trading. Moreover, ErisX is also extremely happy that it would strengthen its digital asset trading & investing landscape.

The subtle collaboration states that the advocacy group recognizes the dedication to aid and bring forward a mainstream adoption along with accessibility to space via an intermediary covalent model. By the looks of it, eventually, the collaboration would lead to a unified platform to help regulate prospects and spot.

What is the stance of Chambers in this collaboration?

During a press release, the President & Founder of Digital Commerce Chambers, Perianne Boring said that she is looking forward to work with ErisX. Boring firmly believes that ErisX has an incredible experience to provide an overview of the regulation in the market. The unification would help policymakers by educating them.

Perianne Boring also said that together, both the platforms would be able to advocate the blockchain tech and digital assets. Recently, ErisX found a set of derivatives which clears up the DCO or derivatives clearing organization license origination from one of the US’s trading commissions. Moreover, the license would get cleared from the Futures Trading Commodity of the US.

Moreover, ErisX on the surface is making plans to make the digital asset futures contracts, which are meant for trade. On the other hand, the trade will take place on the regulated derivatives market by the end of 2019. In addition to this, ErisX is trying to make this happening via the new derivatives clearing organization.

The country-wide action plan concerning blockchain technology

At the beginning of 2019, the Chamber did pursue the government of the US for implementing a national action plan. Additionally, the project revolves around the groundbreaking blockchain technology.

The members of the Chamber also believe in the fact that blockchain comes with various transformational benefits. The government, businesses, and consumers would massively benefit from the blockchain technology. The United Nations need to accept the national strategy concerning decentralizing technologies completely.


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