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EOS Price Today: Is it Worth an Investment  

EOS price today is $1.99 with 24 hours high of 9.7%. Bitcoin recorded the 24-hour high at 2.69% even though the value was $3506.72. EOS left Bitcoin behind in the 24h high chart.

With the current circulating supply of 1.02 Billion coins, EOS has a total volume of $1,044,828,343 exchanged.

EOS is worth your attention!


Well, the cryptocurrency market was bullish in December last year. After that, it started cooling down and has been bearish since January 1. Downward price trends affected every crypto-asset. Even the cryptocurrency giants, namely – Bitcoin, ripple, Ethereum recorded low prices.

The market is bearish mood was confusing for investors as they could not decide which cryptocurrency is worth the investment. But EOS, despite being new, came to the rescue of investors by offering high earning potentials.

New Entrant in The Crypto Sphere

EOS is unique in comparison to bigger cryptocurrencies ruling the market. Launched in 2017, its parent company was selling the tokens for almost one year. They raised around $ 4 billion in total.

EOS is a Blockchain-based platform that supports decentralised operations and helps in the creation of blockchain apps.

The company opened token sale deviating from the conventional ICO approach.  It was led by chief technology officer Dan Larimer who has created two other cryptocurrencies which are worth $ 4 billion each before. The one-year ICO ended on June 1, 2018.

If you believe EOS development team, EOS has all the potential to overtake Ethereum – the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.

A Kick Start Performance

EOS price surged rapidly in November 2017 due to the sudden turn of events. It was trading at $1.21 on Nov. 4th. At the same time, the market capitalisation of EOS cryptocurrency reached $54 million.  It showed the glimpse of its volatile nature from then on. And finally, EOS reached a new high on Jan 13th trading at $18.16 with a market cap of $109 million.

Unfortunately, the upward price move did not last for long. And the downward spiral began with EOS price reaching $4.08 on March 19th. EOS price today cannot be predicted due to its volatility. The cryptocurrency bounced back to the highest price peak of $21.46 in April 2018 with a market capitalisation of around $176.6 million.

EOS Price Reached All-Time High in 2018

With the hype around Mainnet launch, EOS developers raised $4 billion through daily auction. EOS managed to get a +250% high in 30 days. The cryptocurrency made an unusual one-day price move of 35% on April 24th, 2018.

On April 1, the value of EOS was at $6.00. The price of this cryptocurrency kept rising throughout April hitting an all-time high of $22 on April 29, 2018. Negative news before launch and other factors pushed the EOS price in May 2018. The EOS price USD dropped by 24% to $10.00.

Although it is currently trading below $10, it doesn’t contradict the potential of EOS. Its blockchain infrastructure is similar to Ethereum that is the fifth largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalisation.  As the bearish market turned bullish and the company settles all the Negative news, the sentiment of the market gradually started growing positive day by day.

Why Can EOS Reach High Again in 2019?

EOS broke into the top 10 crypto-space in short period. According to many cryptocurrency experts, the price movement of this cryptocurrency is not only volatile but sometimes too good to be true.  Considering a market with 1,340 cryptocurrencies, EOS with $1.5 billion trading volume on a daily basis is remarkable for new entrant. The future is positive and promising for EOS!

EOS price is currently low. If the price rises rapidly within the next few weeks, you can buy the currency without drilling a hole in your pocket. But cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc. are out of the reach of regular investor due to a high value.   

Can EOS replace Ethereum?

While Ethereum can handle 15 transactions every second, EOS can handle between 1000 to 6000 transactions every second. Another advantage of EOS over Ethereum is that it does not have any transaction fees. Therefore, EOS is gaining the right amount of traction.

In 2019, the dominance of cryptocurrency giants such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. will reduce to a considerable extent. The cryptocurrency market will go up by 4%, and EOS will have the opportunity to increase its market capitalisation. And if, it overtakes Ethereum EOS price touch new highs.