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Electricity Crisis Causing Mining Problems in Cuba

Electricity Crisis Causing Mining Problems in Cuba

Due to the Caribbean island’s electrical issue, crypto mining in Cuba has been halted for some time. Several sections of Cuba have endured frequent blackouts, rendering mining rigs unsustainable and, in some circumstances, impossible.

As a resuly, many Cubans have lost thousands of dollars they had put into cryptocurrency-mining gear and graphics cards. Constant power outages have resulted in repeated disruptions to mining gear, limiting the operators’ potential earnings.

According to reports, Cubans have been subjected to power outages lasting more than ten hours daily. Furthermore, weather occurrences such as Hurricane Ian have made the country’s power plants less than optimum.

The Cuban Power Grid is Unsuitable for Cryptocurrency Mining

In Cuba, crypto has achieved a notable degree of usefulness. However, power outages have reduced the profitability of this specific business in the nation. Crypto mining was formerly seen as a sensible investment by Cubans, but the current state of the Cuban electrical system has continuously forced individuals to seek solutions to the problem.

Electrical fluctuations have an impact on the internet as well. Cuban miners are still looking for ways to work despite the country’s electrical crisis. The internet is another significant resource that has suffered greatly. The internet is a critical component for cryptocurrency mining, hampered by power outages and fuel shortages in Cuba since facilities have proven inoperable.

Because of the unpredictability, miners who left their equipment operating have found extra issues. As the state workplaces have power plants, the final recourse, which also tends to be one of the riskiest methods for miners to make ends meet, is to carry their equipment to their employment sites.

Other consequences include the loss of their employment and mining equipment and the prospect of more severe punishments. Many miners are selling their mining rigs for far less than the purchase price to recoup at least part of their investment.

Young Cuban businesses have turned to cryptocurrency mining to gain these digital assets. This would offer miners perks such as making international internet purchases and sending payments and remittances for services.


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