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EEC Filing confirms upcoming 6,4 & 3 GB models of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060

Rather than the proofs like those of the early benchmarks and the leaked pictures which were not completely reliable, there is now another legal proof of the existence of the Nvidia RTX 2060 which is coming up, and they are the government filings. These are the additional proof that clears the cloud of doubt around the three models, and they are Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB, 4 GB and 3 GB in the EEC filing. EFC is the abbreviation of Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

Gigabyte has been quite renowned amongst the people and has managed to successfully register forty varieties of GeForce RTX 2060 with the EEC which stands for the Eurasian Economic Commission. The registration and the filings which are in excess not only are pointing the models falling on different price points but also they are specifying the three different SKUs equipped with the models of 6 GB, 4 GB and 3 GB of the video memory.

Graphic Cards

To list out some more of the facts about the model, it appears as if there are graphics cards registered by Gigabyte that comes with different types of video memory that includes GDDR6, GDDR5X, and even GDDR5 and this marks a huge defeat as well as departure of Nvidia Turing which was based on graphics card and have managed to feature GDDR6 so far.

If we talk of one of the deriding aspects of GeForce RTX 20 series GPUs then that would be the higher price while on the other hand equipping the models with this different SKUs is not really an effective solution as the performance of all of these models vary quite largely and this is something that can be the very reason for more confusion.

Before getting into the very depth of the part and coming to conclusions it would be a better choice to assume that Gigabyte is just planning to put the filing for every possible variation that is possible to bring in GeForce RTX 2060.

Gigabyte is filing these varieties just with the sole intention to fashion up to completely varying value factors, but these three upcoming models are all set to gear up the video reminiscence. In addition to that if we talk about the issues with the models, then the high cost can be one which is adding up to the other factors.

These models have finally not been able to lessen the dilemma of people by lowering the entry price and fixing it at a lower rate rather with the variant value factors of the models this can be the very reason for the creation of confusion amongst the people. This is so because the performance of all of them will be varying on their own and the efficiency can be diverse and confusing.

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