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The Climate Change Governance Token, which is powered by green energy. The EcoWatt is the first governance token backed by green power and income-generating assets committed to boosting Token value and providing social impact. Initially, 1 EcoWatt Token = 1 Watt of installed power (Wp), which increases in value as the growing Watt power exceeds the fixed Token supply

About EcoWatt
Ecowatt is the world’s first  e first green asset-backed Climate Change Governance Token. Community members acquire governance voting rights over social impact projects funded by green assets and access to instant liquidity, daily rewards, special NFTs, and virtual green crypto mining possibilities by purchasing and staking Tokens. During the issuing process, each Token is equivalent to one watt of operational renewable energy assets’ environmental and economic output.

This non-crypto business case funds social impact projects, provides liquidity lending, and increasing rewards, which all combine back and increase Token price. The green asset portfolio improves world value outside the cryptocurrency sector and sustains organic growth in Token value and price even after all tokens have been supplied. For the good of the community, the EcoWatt Foundation will expand the green asset portfolio and Token value indefinitely.

Why should you consider EcoWatt?

  • Real-world business case 
  • A Solution to a Real Problem
  • Real Value increase (Reverse burning)
  • Daily Rewards 
  • Tokenomics 
  • Fair Launch
  • Experienced team
  • Backed by governments

Problems they Solve

The EcoWatt project seeks to revolutionize the government and hedge fund-controlled global electricity market by making it available to the general public for the first time. The community member directly benefits from the growth of the EcoWatt green asset portfolio by gaining access to liquidity, incentives, NFTS, and green crypto mining possibilities as a Token holder. By participating in Governance, each member may brag about being a part of a group that reduces CO2 emissions by 750,000 tons and plants 2 million trees each year. Their  goal is to create a world where renewable energy is abundant. They’re  altering the game by breaking down barriers that presently prevent you from investing, generating, and utilizing clean energy.

Solutions they Offer

The Polygon (Matic) ERC20 standard was used by EcoWatt Energy to build a scalable platform for developing a clean energy portfolio while utilizing blockchain technology to provide co-ownership to a community of like-minded people who want a more sustainable world.

The EcoWatt Token (EWT) allows users to collateralize their EWT holdings and access low-cost liquidity loans, daily rewards, and other utility features supported by a debenture on green assets. The liquidity and rewards value as well as token price increase naturally due to the fact that the Token has a fixed supply but Watts are generated indefinitely.

System transparency and trustless cooperation between all stakeholders, both on the blockchain and the physical asset side, are possible thanks to smart contracts. Which builds a transparent data-driven public ledger that allows the  community to track the portfolio’s growth, performance, and impact in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable manner utilizing Digitalization, blockchain technology, and smart net metering.

The EcoWatt Token

The EcoWatt Token is a deflationary crypto asset that rises in value, usefulness, and price as more Watts are allocated per token based on physical assets. The EcoWat token has  a limited supply that provides governance votes and collateralized liquidity leverage, daily rewards, and access to NFTs and virtual crypto mining options backed by a trust agreement and debenture over a growing physical renewable energy portfolio.

The asset holding company will be ring-fenced, and a minimum of 25% of shares on behalf of the Token holder community will be placed underwritten by an asset-backed debenture to back utility features. The agreement will be governed by a trust agreement with oversight by the originators and a regulated external trustee.

The EcoWatt tokenomics are quite simple

The EcoWatt token distribution is fairly simple, it has  a limited supply of ERC-20 tokens, which are backed by renewable energy assets. The only way to extract 1 billion ECW is to produce one billion additional renewable energy. As a result of the mining operation, an increasing proportion of assets relative to a constant quantity of tonk will increase their value over time.

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