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Ecobee finally releases its new Apple Watch app!

Ecobee apple watch

Famous HomeKit accessories manufacturer ecobee has finally released a new Apple Watch application. This simply means that the users will be able to control their ecobee accessories via their Apple Watch. This includes adjusting ecobee smart thermostats as well as switch right from the wrist.

The company had previously teased about it working on a new application with Apple Watch support in March last year. And now, the users can finally take advantage of the app. The application can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store.

There’s plenty to explore!

Currently, the app does not include certain things such as a lack of support in case of complications. However, ecobee has promised to update the application soon. But there’s no need to worry as the key functionality is present in the app.

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If you are an ecobee smart thermostat user, you can now see the name of the thermostat, the present indoor temperature, needed temperature and view if your heating/cooling is on or off. Besides, you will also be able to swiftly adjust the temperature as desired, turn the thermostat to Away/Home mode. You can now also resume back your usual schedule at any time as well as alter the fan settings to Auto/On.

Ecobee has teased that the app’s future update will also come with new designations added to the user’s home’s profile. This will also allow you to name your home as well as assign ecobee devices to it. Besides, the update will also offer complete navigation revamp.

On the other hand, the ecobee mobile application for iOS offers a host of features to iPhone users. To recall, the iOS mobile app has a Today Widget, which makes it easy for you to keep a track on your home through the iPhone. Hence, there’s no need for you to open the app again and again to see important information. You can now access your recent thermostat information, present indoor temperature, desired temperature, system status/mode, current connectivity status of all the remote sensors which are paired with the thermostat and much more right from the widget.

Ecobee: Making your lives better with technology

If you want to make any sort of changes, just a simple tap will lead you to the mobile app. The ecobee app for iPhone also offers major performance as well as stability enhancements.

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Ecobee is extremely happy to bring the new Apple Watch app for its users to help them save energy and enhance home comfort as well. Moreover, the company is open to customer feedback on the new app to know if they wish to see any new changes in the future.

Notably, Ecobee is known for developing the first smart thermostat with Wi-Fi support in the world. The goal? To help consumers save energy and live better. The main aim of the company is to develop smarter home accessories which are designed beautifully. They should also be simple and easy to use and help customers save more. With its smart room sensor tech, built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa service, voice control and other integrations, ecobee wishes to help customers manage their busy lives and improve home comfort.

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