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“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” / Sin Behind the Badge

Decades ago, Roland Page, a young St. Louis police officer found himself in a
nightmarish reality. After booking a suspect in earlier during the day, he ended the night by being booked in by the FBI. Reminiscing is painful now he can reflect using his story to encourage law enforcement recruits to avoid the same path.

He used his platform to complete his first novel “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”.
Mentoring was not his primary mission. The author started writing to manage
symptoms of depression due to Lupus. His wife and sons encouraged him to engage in a craft distracting his woes.

Roland expressed, “I never used my authority to commit any crime. My case stems from my childhood affiliation. The basic question could you serve up a family member to the law.” The book takes readers on a deep journey of memorable adolescent days to chilling experiences as a conflicted man. A tale of karma, confession, and redemption…

Eating the Forbidden Fruit will be available on Amazon March 30th, 2020. For Pre-orders subscribe at his website

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