YFNFT by YearnNFT is the World’s First Low Supply NFT Tokens

  • YearnNFT Finance is now considered a big name that has made DeFi available to all
  • YFNFT low supply token flipped BTC price at times
  • This project is a huge success among the crypto users
  • Inspired by the advanced concept, the team is building a NFT marketplace with simplified application protocols.
  • The YFNFT has a low supply of 73339 running on BSC network.

YearnNFT is proud to announce this new project is a big success currently familiar as YearnNFT Finance NFTs and Collectibles Marketplace. This project is basically a DeFi NFT and digital collectibles built on the Binance Smart Chain network. We consider it as the first decentralized NFT art platform to offer its governance token where users can exclusively mint and brand their digital artworks.


Decentralized and non-permissible

Framework is specifically designed to amend the benefits reducing risks of digital asset ownership and trading. The core technologies are strictly developed on the blockchain protocol, and automated smart contracts.

Blockchain Protocol

We use the Binance blockchain protocol named as YFNFT that gives you the security benefits of the Binance network, avoiding any chances of a consensus attack.

Less Costly Fee Exposure

We apply some charges including NFT creation and listing, application usage fees needed for trade execution, NFT auctions, as well as network fees for YFNFT transfers.

On-Chain Management governance

The YearnNFT roadmap make sure that stakeholders have the authority to feasibly enhance the basic protocol and modify important framework parameters to meet the fluctuating requirements of market and the community.

Client Partnerships

We offer a unique platform welcoming artists to display their digital products to the NFT marketplace. We guide the user to sell their own images/items on a marketplace along with some significant business models.

Incentivization and Rewards

We believe that community is almost everything and emphasize entirely on rewarding early adopters for their efforts, time and valuable contributions. We have diverse incentive and reward schemes that are specifically organized to back up successful creators, artists, sellers, and buyers.

The BSC follows a reliable approach concept and already reached 12 million transactions on May 16, 2021. We believe that this is indeed an exploring chain and is yet to influence the entire crypto era.

The Noticeable Rise

As per our close analysis, the growth of YearnNFT community has been so remarkable to experience a boost more than expected. This project is relatively new that has been recently integrated into the BSC blockchain.

We have started our visionary mission to grab 50k+ members to join YearnNFT community and a growing number on social network as well. However, we agree that some still considered YearnNFT project as an “under the radar” platform as our YouTube Bounty goes live.

There are many more upcoming milestones and releases plans ahead. We are on our way to bring back-to-back announcements that will keep everyone’s mouth wide open. Soon, YearnNFT will be among the renowned and trusted NFT marketplaces in the digital artwork industry.

About YearnNFT Finance

We have carefully organized YearnNFT platform along with social channels to be known as a spot for global community Marketplace in the domains of NFT, digital contents, good and services with only native asset- YFNFT.

We demonstrate a marketplace specifically for NFT lovers and crypto freak to trade. YearnNFT welcomes artists and creators to create NFT of their items/images and easily sell them on the platform.

The users have an option to add single or multiple items on the YearnNFT marketplace to sell. Just the only requirement is registration from a unique account and participation with YearnNFT platform.

Our team holds rich experience in traditional as well as digital arts alike. Their knowledge and participation will guide us embracing and exploring great NFT artists around the globe. All the transactions are done using YFNFT token on the YearnNFT Marketplace. We aim to transform the current NFT industry by making it simple, easy and available for every enthusiast.

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