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Dragonchain and Hurify Synergy to mainstream Blockchain adoption


Dragonchain Inc, recently in a blogpost announced it has partnered with Hurify Digital Markets to revolutionize decentralized blockchain and IoT development. The Hurify’s platform utilizes smart contracts to back IoT project development and deployment supply chain.

Dragonchain will offer Hurify with the security and flexibility required to create and sustain its dynamic global ecosystem. HDM by using Dragonchain smart contracts can offer a secure, blockchain-based international community of IoT developers. 

However, the release of the blockchain platform indicates a first-of-its-kind IoT services marketplace developed on Dragonchain. Additionally, Dragonchain team believes that the synery  will disrupt the existing service models by blocking the actual scalability of IoT.

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From the Vice President’s Desk

Filip Hantson, the Vice President of Business development at Dragonchain said that they are looking forward to working with Hurify on their Dragonchain platform.

He further added that just like blockchain, IoT is also a nascent technology. Likewise, it has an enormous potential to take the market by storm.

Mouli Srini, the CEO of Hurify said Dragonchain will let them take advanced multi-level private and public blockchains to IoT community. He also said that they have a flexible solution for a range of IoT operational challenges like securing data, scalability.

Srini concluded by saying that Dragonchain will overcome such issues with exceptional ease of use for developers.

About Dragonchain

Dragonchain is a blockchain firm with operations in four business sectors such as education, enterprise services, entertainment, and project acceleration. As a matter of fact, Dragonchain is a US-based firm whose goal is to empower businesses with an enterprise-grade blockchain solution.

About Hurify Digital Markets

The Hurify’s IoT project development platform deploys smart contracts to back the deployment supply chain and IoT project development. The Hurify is an international ecosystem for developer communities, IoT solution vendors and entrepreneurs with members from over the globe.  

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