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Dorsey’s Block Unveils Pioneering 5nm Bitcoin Mining Chip for Decentralized Future

Dorsey's Block Unveils Pioneering 5nm Bitcoin Mining Chip for Decentralized Future

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Block has successfully developed a prototype of a groundbreaking 5nm Bitcoin mining chip. This innovative move aims to decentralize the supply of Bitcoin mining rigs and stimulate growth in the mining hardware ecosystem by embracing open-source technology.

Tackling Centralization in Bitcoin Mining

The development of custom Bitcoin mining ASIC rigs involves financial and technical challenges, leading to a few companies controlling the majority of mining silicon. Block recognizes that this centralization is harmful to both the Bitcoin network and its miners, as it stifles innovation and concentrates power.

To resolve this issue, Block is committed to making Bitcoin mining technology open source, intending to sell standalone ASICs and other hardware components. This strategy will drive innovation and broaden the Bitcoin mining hardware ecosystem’s reach.

Block’s Strategic Acquisition of Intel Chips

In addition to promoting open-source technology, Block has secured a significant number of Bitcoin mining chips from Intel. This acquisition allows Block to speed up the launch of mining machines while focusing on the development of state-of-the-art 3nm chips.

Advantages of Smaller Nanometer Chips

A nanometer (1nm) is about the width of two silicon atoms. As chip components become smaller, more transistors can fit into a silicon die of the same size. This improvement leads to increased efficiency and decreased heat generation due to a shorter distance for electric current to travel during calculations. While most Bitcoin mining ASICs currently use 5nm chips, no company has made their ASIC chip designs open source. Canaan, a Chinese mining company, introduced the first 5nm ASIC in 2021.

Decentralizing the Cryptocurrency Sector

Block’s decision to create more efficient, affordable mining chips and make Bitcoin mining technology open source is transformative. It holds the potential to reduce the concentration of Bitcoin mining power among a few companies, resulting in a more decentralized and secure network.

The Impact of Block’s Acquisition of Intel Blockscale 1000 Series ASICs

Block’s purchase of Intel’s Blockscale 1000 Series ASICs is notable. Intel announced on April 18 that it would stop taking new orders for these chips by October 20 and discontinue shipping by April 2024 due to cost-cutting measures. Block’s large-scale acquisition of Intel’s ASICs will hasten the development of its proprietary 3nm chip, which they claim will be the most advanced chip upon release.


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