Dojima Network is an omni-chainEVM layer infrastructure that aims to create a middle-ground betweenmultiple independent layer1 and layer2 blockchains, by connecting them and pooling assets and data from these chains, which will be helpful for the expansion efforts of all web3 companies, because it will afford users and developers to easily deploy and use complex cross-chain applications.

Over the past year, Dojima Network has continued to make significant strides in the field of blockchain technology, particularly in cross-chain infrastructure. Since coming into the blockchain space, Dojima Network has expanded its ecosystem, launched new products, and strengthened partnerships to further its mission of creating a more accessible and secure cross-chain platform.

At Dojima Network we are building a robust platform to solve the problems faced by Web3 developers with the best possible user experience and that is what gives confidence to each of us at Dojima network about our sustainable success .

Akhil Reddy, Founder, Dojima Network.

Dojima Network has successfully expanded its ecosystem by attracting more developers, users,and projects, and therefore, we have entered into various partnershipssince the platform’s inception. Recognizing the importance of strategic partnerships, Dojima Network has actively collaborated with various organizations in the blockchain space. These partnerships have not only increased the network’s visibility but also facilitated the integration of external protocols and services.

These partnerships and integration have expanded the range of use cases and functionalities available on the platform, promoting the development of more sophisticated cross-chain and decentralized applications.Below are the partnerships we have entered in the past year:

Partnership with Galaxy Arena,Ruby Protocol, Avatea Protocol, Cyber City, Crazy Panda, Space Falcon, Despace Protocol,Zone of Avoidance, Tribeone, Supra Oracle and more partnerships to come.

By this time, reputable publications in the global media havewritten about Dojima Network, such as Pressfarm, Coincuband PermaWeb. with that being said, Dojima Network has accomplished and gained over 150k+ Followers distributed across our various social media channels.

The platform’s developer and user-friendly infrastructure have fostered a vibrant community, leading to rising interest in the Dojima Network’s cross-chain infrastructure. We are currently in our testnet phase, and these users and developers are currently participating in the testnet. Regarding the testnet, we have been receiving feedback from users and developers and we have channeled this feedback to our development team in order to build a more robust platform for a satisfactory experience for all end users.

Launch of New Products: One of the highlights of the past year was the launch of several new products and campaigns by Dojima Network. On the part of the products, the team has introduced the following products:

*Dojima cross-chain wallet

*Dojima FaaS (Functionality as a Service)

*Dojima Block Explorer

*Oracle price feed

*Network endpoints

The team also released the following campaigns: the Dojima onboarding campaignand theAmbassador campaign, giving an opportunity to community members, influencers, and developers to participate in the marketing and onboarding of users and developers onto the network.

Furthermore, Dojima Network is in the process of introducing its native token, DOJ, which will play a central role in the platform’s ecosystem. $DOJtoken holders will have access to a wide range of benefits and it will be used to pay for transaction fees on the network, staking rewards, and participation in decentralized decision-making processes.

In the course of the past year, our community has played a significant role in promoting the Dojima Network on all fronts. We have robust social channels where we constantly engage the community. From Twitter to Telegram, Discord, Medium, Linkedin, and Youtube, these channels are our go-to places where we give updates and educate our community. The team on its part has also been engaging the community with several community events such as AMA, Community Trivia, Community calls, Twitter space, and other novel community events with the intent of reviewing feedback, giving updates on the projects, providing a platform where community members can interactdirectly with the team, and ultimately educating members about the Dojima Network project.

We have also run a number of airdrop campaigns throughout the years in order to expand our community and to reward members for being active on our various channels. Thesecampaigns required community members to perform some simple tasks to stand a chance to earn some rewards.

Andas part of our initiative to pull in a larger number of innovative BUIDLs, we have been organizing a series of hackathons to onboard teams of developers into the Dojima ecosystemand provide Web3 developers with the ability to create truly decentralized cross-chain applications connecting completely different blockchain networks, where novel applications can be developed on the cross-chain infrastructure Dojima Network is building. Which has been one key activity in the Dojima Network since the last quarter of 2022.

Since our first events in November 2022, the team has hosted and partnered with several 3rd party web3 organizations to host different hackathon and buildathon events. Below are the hackathon events that we have hosted in the past year:

*DiveIntoETH with Techfest

*Techstars Startup Weekend web3 Bengaluru

*Dojima Hackathon @ Vivanta Whitefield, Bengaluru

*Dojima Network online Hackathon

*Entrepreneur Tech & Innovation web3 summit 2023

*Tryst web 3.0 Hackathon

*Hack the League Chapter-2 Hackathon event at Jaipur, India.

*Hypermine’shack:DiD Decentralized Identity Hackathon for web3

The Teams that participated in the various hackathons event include: Team M3-Cube, Questify Protocol, Loco protocol,Gigchainx, Carbonfix, Engagify, Trustki, Tradex, Knox, Thinkubator, Dono,, Mental Blocks, Heal.Eth, Drivenn, Block binding, VisualVerse, Mechao Protocol, Superstream, Cryptic Launchpad, GyaanSetu, Devault, Freeflo, Unidao, Dogethereum,DojiFund, Cercle X, Agni,Metas Rum, Nftverse, Fandora App, Nxt-Search, Doji Art, Nft Staking Dappand DojLand.

In addition to the above hackathon events, the team took part  in various web3 and crypto exhibitions such as the Token-2049 crypto conference in Singapore,the Bitcoin African conference, the Hong Kong blockchain and web3 event 2023, and meet up with Gains Associates, the YouMeme team In Goa, and with Arthur.D. Little and SatvikViswanath. These were a great opportunity to network and connect with other great minds in the crypto space while also forging a better future for the network.

Dojima Network is backed by Industry leaders who are very well-versedin the ecosystem and Tech.We also have many C-level executives of very big players in the crypto space as their advisors.

We can’t conclude this Dojima Network’s past year review without acknowledging our investors and backers who have made the journey worthwhile. Our backers; M6, ArkStream Capital, CMS, Signum Capital, Kyber Ventures, Angel DAO, Quantstamp, Glock Ventures, Tsing Tech, West Labs, Crypto Calibur, and Arweave, have all contributed to the development of the Dojima Network platform. We at Dojima Network do not take your contribution and effort for granted, and we appreciate you for believing in us.


Dojima Network’s potential remains significant, The project’s developers are continuously working to improve its functionality and to integrate it with more applications. In the future, we can expect to see Dojima Network further expand its reach and use cases, as well as continue to provide reliable and secure cross-chain services to users.

As you may know, our testnet phase is still ongoing, and we are currently working with developers and users to perfect the operating network of the Dojima cross-chain platform. In addition, we are working with different projects to integrate their product into the Dojima Network, and also,The Dojima Network team is currently working hard to launch the Mainnet in the no-distant future.

The testnet is still ongoing and you can still join. Head over to our announcement channel to participate.


In the past year, Dojima Network has made remarkable progress in advancing blockchain technology and cross-chain solutions. Through ecosystem expansion, the launch of new products, strategic partnerships, and a strong focus on security, Dojima Network intends to build a robust cross-chaininfrastructure for users and developers’ satisfaction. As the platform continues to evolve and innovate, it aims to revolutionize the crypto cross-chain landscape in a secure manner and provide a seamless cross-chain product for user satisfaction.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our project Yearly review. We appreciate your effort and your faith in us. We shall continue to give updates on the project as it progresses. In order not to miss any updates, kindly make sure to follow us across our social channels to stay up to date with happenings in the Dojima Network ecosystem.

🚨 For more information and updates, be sure to follow our official channels below 👇🏽

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