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‘Destiny 2’ Requires Just One Thing By The End Of Black Armory!

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You’ll get to see the ultimate Forge of Black Armory unlocked along with Last Word quests in the days to come. But at the moment, with no real idea on the release date of the Joker’s Wild, there are chances that there may be a little downtime. Well, all of this does seem to be fine as one can use this as a little ‘Destiny’ break. But if there is anything which should be seen in Destiny 2 during the break period is one particular thing, i.e. Catalysts.

Exotic catalysts have by far been the best addition made to the game over the past two years. However, it now seems pretty weird to have them all just vanish away, especially when weapon-concentrated extension such as Black Armory was supposed to take place.

More Guns Waiting For Catalysts

It can be said that by the time Black Armory ends, there will be a need for exotic catalysts for 27 guns- Rat King, Suros Regime, Hard Light, The Prospector, Lord of Wolves, Black Talon, Ace of Spades, Malfeasance, One Thousand Voices, Two-Tailed Fox, Queenbreaker, The Trinity Ghoul, Chaperone, Wish Ender, Thunderlord, Wavesplitter, Cerebrus+1, Izangai’s Burden, The Last Word, Anarchy, Le Monarque, Jotun, Graviton Lance, Sweet Business, Sunshot, Sleeper Simulant and Telesto.

Without really being content, the catalysts are still very much ‘content.’ To start with, you can grind whichever ‘X’ activity for the catalysts. You will still get the rewards despite the drop rates being low so don’t worry. Next, spend time making the killing from that particular gun, that is another form of grind. Later, you will get to utilize the weapon’s upgraded version just when you start hunting down other catalysts and play the game right from the starting.

Although it might be hard to test how effective all the catalysts are, several are simple such as the Coldheart or Crimson or like the Dragonfly by Polaris Lance or Hidden Hand by Graviton. On the other hand, some of them are pretty more involved such as mad refill by Huckleberry. But still, there is nothing very crazy.

Keep Using Those Catalysts

The fact remains that catalysts are nearly a reservoir of content and that should not need much of effort on the part of Bungie. Well, you can theoretically begin using catalysts for a single exotic armour piece. Besides this, the catalysts will make a variety of perks for every single armour piece as well as every enhanced future drops version. To be honest, it will somehow be exciting to utilize some of these neglected exotics to acquire such catalysts to complete the game.  

Well, indeed there is a fountain of content which is indeed a fun grind with no addition of new missions, enemies, map areas or anything else. The catalysts are simply an easy mode of getting engaged in the game even further, and one can hope that Bungie does not avoid or forget the catalysts anytime in future. Thus, it can be said that this is the perfect addition for the downtime. Although still, we cannot completely say no to have catalysts introduced in every of such DLC’s.

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