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Despite the Crypto market crash, true investors continue to hold their position: Larsen

Despite the Crypto market crash, true investors continue to hold their position: Larsen

Drew Larsen, one of the most renowned investors in the crypto market, said that despite the bearish tension prevailing in the market, he is not at all worried. 

Mr. Larsen, a 54-year-old man, has had 10% of his savings in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum in the past two years.

Larsen strongly believes that investing in crypto is one of the best and smartest ways of hedging his portfolio, the rest of his money is diversified through bonds, stocks, and Real Estate. 

He further said that he could bear the plummeting of the crypto market as he feels a deeper level of connection with the digital assets, and he is not even a little concerned regarding the market conditions. 

A founder of two tech-based companies who resides with his family in Colorado stated that –crypto and digital assets have the potential to protect and save the world. In this year’s market crash, his investments are down by 40%. 

Why is Larsen so confident about his investments in digital assets?

With the crash that has shaken the entire blockchain industry, there has been a gap between the people who truly believe in introducing digital assets and the investors who wish to make some chunk of money from the industry. 

Some of the true believers of the crypto industry, like Mr. Larsen, feel that crypto is not just being touted to replace the conventional fiat-money system but will also give a big competition to the big banks and financial industries. 


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