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Decimal Digital Currency Expands with State-of-the-Art Bitcoin Mining Operations in Texas and Ohio

Decimal Digital Currency Expands with State-of-the-Art Bitcoin Mining Operations in Texas and Ohio

Decimal Digital Currency is pioneering a new era in the cryptocurrency mining industry by strategically deploying the latest S21 mining rigs from Bitmain as well as S19XPs at their Texas facility, coupled with an ambitious expansion into new territories, including a recent setup in Youngstown, Ohio. These state-of-the-art, high-efficiency machines mark a significant leap forward, offering the same computing power as their predecessors while consuming about 60% less energy, thus placing Decimal Digital Currency’s fleet in the mining network’s upper echelon. This not only fortifies Decimal Digital Currency’s profit margins against the rising tide of competition and the impending Bitcoin halving event but also bolsters its mining capacity and operational efficiency through optimal cooling infrastructure and site design in Ohio. With a strategy that encompasses deploying tens of thousands more rigs and exploring joint ventures and acquisitions, Decimal Digital Currency is on a path to redefine industry standards and drive significant growth in cryptocurrency mining.

Innovative Operations at Texas Facility

The Wolf Hollow data center in Texas stands out not only for its advanced mining equipment but also for its purpose-built infrastructure designed to withstand the state’s notorious summer heat. Directly connected to a power station, the facility plays a crucial role in grid balancing and demand response services for the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). This strategic connection ensures the efficient management of energy, especially during peak demand periods, underscoring Decimal Digital Currency’s commitment to operational efficiency and community support.

“The facility isn’t necessarily unique, but the infrastructure there is exceptional and the site provides us with a globally competitive cost of power. The RK Mission Critical mobile data center containers our rigs operate within are known throughout the industry for their high quality components and very effective cooling and filtration which are both critical in Texas. We are happy with the deployment and have opened a second facility in Texas,” said Roshan Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Decimal Digital Currency.

Strategic Energy Management Practices

Decimal Digital Currency’s approach to energy management extends beyond Texas. Nationwide, the company participates in grid-supportive response programs, aligning its operational decisions with periods of high energy demand, such as during extreme weather events. This strategic energy usage not only optimizes Decimal Digital Currency’s mining operations but also contributes to the overall stability and efficiency of the national power grid.

Growth and Expansion into Ohio

Decimal Digital Currency’s growth trajectory continues with the opening of a new mining facility in Youngstown, Ohio. Starting with a 5 megawatt deployment, Decimal Digital Currency plans to scale up to several thousand machines, leveraging their Ohio site’s favorable cooling infrastructure and site layout for optimal heat management. This expansion is part of Decimal Digital Currency’s broader strategy to explore joint ventures, partnerships, and acquisition opportunities to fuel its rapid growth in the cryptocurrency mining sector.

A Sustainable Perspective on Cryptocurrency Mining

Contrary to widespread concerns about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, Decimal Digital Currency presents a compelling argument for the symbiotic relationship between miners and energy companies. By providing a steady demand for energy, Bitcoin mining operations like Decimal Digital Currency’s allow energy generators to maintain optimal capacity, reducing inefficiencies and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources. This perspective not only challenges the traditional view of mining’s environmental impact but also highlights the potential for sustainable practices within the industry.

As Henry Robinson, Co-founder and Head of Crypto explained, “A Bitcoin miner is the perfect partner for an energy generator, because we allow them to operate at optimal capacity around the clock. When those high demand periods arise we simply turn off, and during the valleys we consume. This is especially synergistic with wind and solar energy as these kinds of generation only provide power for portions of the day and cannot adjust to match their market. For years studies have found that Bitcoin mining uses a very high proportion of renewable energy, because of these dynamics.”

Future Plans and Scaling

Decimal Digital Currency’s SMA (Separately Managed Account) offering executes the entire mining business from rig acquisition and deployment to treasury management and security for clients. Decimal Digital Currency delivers monthly cash distributions, investors get meaningful tax benefits, and we create an asymmetrical position on Bitcoin with much more exposure to the upside than the downside. This new offering, which is run with a profit-sharing model, has allowed the company to meaningfully scale. 

“The company has attracted high-net worth individuals, family offices, professional athletes and celebrities. We expect interest in our SMA platform to increase substantially based on us providing a highly responsible manner to gain Bitcoin exposure,” commented Shah.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

As the regulatory landscape evolves, Decimal Digital Currency remains proactive in mitigating risks associated with energy consumption and environmental impact. By prioritizing renewable energy sources and exploring innovative solutions like heat recycling, Decimal Digital Currency is positioning itself at the forefront of sustainable mining practices. 

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