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Decenternet: Creating a Decentralized Web powered by the Spyce Token

Spyce token

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has gained momentum of late, but the core objective of operating in a decentralized manner still seems to be far-off. Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D graphics, etc. have definitely made their way up, Many blockchain-based projects have implemented and integrated these with blockchain architecture in a quest to attain decentralization – but the truth is that their basic foundation is still partially centralized. The other hurdles include – lack of scalability, speed, and transparency. 

Decentralization is the need of the hour, especially with the tumbling global economy. Decentralized ownership can aid for transparent value sharing, a reward-based P2P structure, and most importantly the mitigation of intermediaries. 

In this scenario, a blockchain-based project named Decenternet has been grabbing quite a lot of attention – with an aim to introduce the Web 3.0 in its true sense – a decentralized atmosphere where users have complete authority over their data and financial assets. Decenternet claims to offer its users a cheap, fast, secure, transparent and governance-independent P2P platform to exercise economic freedom. 

Moreover, the Decenternet platform is multi-faceted with the following offerings – 

  • Osiris Web Browser – designed for blockchain and dApp operations
  • A dApp store marketplace
  • A Multi Crypto-Currency Wallet for Major Ecosystems
  • SpyceDex Exchange

Note: To know in-depth about each of these, head on to the Decenternet Whitepaper

How does Decenternet work? – The Spyce Token

All activities within the Decenternet ecosystem are powered by the Spyce Token. The token enables economic transactions, content sharing, content storage as well as using decentralized web applications. It is also the fuel that runs a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange within the Decenternet ecosystem. Moreover, users will be able to access all enterprise-grade goods and services provided through the Decenternet microservices aggregation platform, with the help of the Spyce Token. All in all, Spyce is the standard base currency on the Decenternet platform. 

The total circulating supply of Spyce is a mere 200 million – which essentially means that the value of the token is estimated to grow exponentially over a period of time. 

If you wish to get hold of the Spyce token, head on to Probit, where Decenternet is currently running an IEO. 

  • Avail an exclusive 15% bonus if you buy SPYCE using PROB
  • Avail an exclusive 10% if you buy SPYCE using USDT, BTC, ETH, and XRP.  

To know more about Decenternet and SPYCE, head to the following links: 


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