DarleyGo, The World’s First Mythical NFT Horse Racing Game, Unveiled on Solana

Video gaming is a multi-billion industry and only keeps growing. Many real-world businesses were placed on the guillotine in 2020 due to the impact of the global healthcare crisis. Not surprisingly, as governments locked their countries, online games and related businesses strived. With crypto innovation traced to 2020, gaming fusion with NFTs is just another facet of the ever-evolving nature of the industry.

NFTs might be viewed differently by traditional gaming publishers. For their disruption and their multifaceted nature, NFTs forced changes favoring players. Nonetheless, while sentiment might be conflicting, NFTs are proving to be a real force and projected to command billions in the years to come. Rising with the tide is DarleyGo.

Introducing DarleyGo

DarleyGo is maximizing the powers of Solana, a modern-day blockchain. Its developers are building what would be the first mythical-based NFTs horse-racing game. By riding on Solana, users can purchase, race, collect, and breed NFT horses. Every NFT on DarleyGo is based on a real-world horse myth, making for an exciting game open to all users across the globe. As NFTs, each horse is unique, bearing distinct abilities and characteristics depending on its pedigree.

The decision by the developing team to build on Solana is also strategic. For instance, unlike Ethereum, Solana is interoperable and can be linked with other blockchains like the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and more. Most importantly, from an interaction and user experience perspective, the high throughput of the Solana blockchain means there are no lags. 

As a result, all components of the DarleyGo game function as intended without any technical hitches. Additionally, for every on-chain interaction like trading of NFTs, associated fees are low to zero—a welcomed development.

Mythical Horse Racing in Solana

The DarleyGo game combination of real-world horse lore in a highly responsive and secure blockchain makes for a fun, engaging, and fast-paced game. For players, there is even more on the table. 

According to DarleyGo, each mythical horse exists as an NFT that can be swapped, traded, or bred. Because of the diffusing powers of the blockchain, each horse belongs to the player and has value since it can be swapped for other cryptocurrencies. In turn, these fungible coins can be converted to hard cash. This linkage between the virtual and real world makes the sphere even more exciting for racers and gamers who spend most of their time on the internet, playing their favorite games.

Although each horse is unique with distinguishing characteristics and pedigree, there exist three dominant bloodlines in DarleyGo. Racers can choose between Darley, Areo, and Hayato, selecting them based on their abilities and personalities, directly impacting their performance during races. 

DarleyGo Modes: Train, Race, or Breed

When playing, a user can choose between three modes—racing, breeding, or training. In training mode, a racer gets to discover their horse’s capabilities, limitations, and character. At this stage, the holder explores the full potential of the horse with more to learn using NPC DarleyHorses. In the racing mode, a player can compete with 12 other racers in a special or ordinary event where the winner receives DarleyGo’s SPL tokens. A racer can choose to race in any of the available levels–Griffin and Levels 1–5. For beginner racers, they refine their skills on the Griffin level. Here, they will be nurtured before growing their racing skills to level 5. As they progress up the ranks, winning pots are larger. Under breeding mode, a racer can breed their horse. Even still, before a racer breeds, they should thoroughly understand their horse’s capabilities and pedigree.

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