DarleyGo Completes its Initial Dex Offering, Raises $1.6 Million

Blockchain game, DarleyGo, has completed its initial dex offering for its utility token DGE. Details from the launch revealed that investors who participated in the IDO raised about $1.6M. 

Plans to List the$DGE Token Underway

DGE is the governance token of DarleyGo used to; breed horses, stake for more rewards, give rewards for race victories, and access future rewards. In addition, holders of the token will have some privileges in the decision-making of the ecosystem, such as voting on proposals and voicing their say in the governance.

DarleyGo will list the DGE token on several exchanges for purchase and trading. The IDO success excites the team and community participants, given the unsatisfying cryptocurrency market condition and recent issues with the Solana network. 

The Team Shifts its Focus to Other Milestones

Following the successful completion of the IDO, the team will focus on achieving other goals stipulated in its roadmap. The team is looking forward to releasing the Trainer Mode, Breeding Mode, and the Team Racing Tournament before Q2 2022 ends. 

DarleyGo’s Exciting Gameplay and Mechanics

DarleyGo is one of the newer games to emerge from the gaming ecosystem in the last couple of months. With an intuitive game, DaleyGo is designed to capture the hearts of staunch and fundamental gamers. 

DarleyGo is a blockchain game on Solana that offers players an immersive gaming experience in the metaverse. The game is speedy, scalable, and power-efficient, thanks to the architecture of the Solana blockchain.

It is a horseracing game that integrates mythical adventures to keep players enthralled and glued to the end. The aim of playing this high-graphic game is to amass DGE and GXE tokens from competing against other players. 

DarleyGo leverages the famous P2E concept, where the players earn based on their playing time. Although the game shares the same P2E idea with other games, the incentivization model differs, as players can profit from participating in other activities other than racing. Gamers can turn their in-game tokens into real money or exchange them for other items in the marketplace.

The story of DarleyGo centers on three powerful horse tribes – Darley, Areo, and Hayato.hese tribes compete once in a year in a racing contest to win and claim glory. Each tribe has a special trait that influences its performance.

The game has three modes – Racing, Training, and Breeding. The PvP or Racing is where horses race to claim the ultimate glory. Players earn rewards when their horse wins the battle. 

In the Training arena, the players train their horses with the tools provided to attain a high level of stamina and agility. Also, the players can participate in tasks to unlock rare abilities and increase the fitness level of their horses. The chances of winning a race are higher if the horse is healthy and trained.

The third is the Breeding Mode, where horse owners explore the different dynamics of the horse, starting from its performance and ability to strength and weaknesses. The game’s badges can help the player to understand the horse’s character, pedigree, and performance better. 

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