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Dark Horse Crypto DTX Exchange Becomes DeFi Leader With 1000x Leverage, Outshines Near Protocol & Ethena

Dark Horse Crypto DTX Exchange Becomes DeFi Leader With 1000x Leverage, Outshines Near Protocol & Ethena The highly competitive crypto segment, DeFi, now has a new entrant, DTX Exchange. As a presale token, its promising profit potential, utility, and affordable tokens help it attract investors. Resultantly, it has surpassed established projects NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and the newly launched Ethena (ENA). So, what’s DTX, NEAR, and ENA’s potential in the next crypto bull run? Let’s find out.


DTX Superior Features Make It Surge Past Established Tokens On DeFi Leaderboard

DTX has emerged as the surprise frontrunner in the DeFi sector, fast transforming to become the best crypto to buy now due to its massive profits in its ongoing presale. DTX displays superior functionality and features that have pulled investors to its public presale. 

DTX Exchange, a decentralized investment platform, stands out from other protocols, by offering over 120,000 financial products to purchase. These products include bonds, CFDs, commodities, and securities. 

With the high liquidity DTX provides, traders can trade all products on the platform without the need for a middleman. However, the feature that has made DTX Exchange surpass prominent DeFi tokens is its 1,000x leverage for traders looking to maximize their profits. 

Furthermore, DTX enables automated trading and risk mitigation by offering bots that enable automatic trade execution for both newbies and veteran traders. By providing diverse, DTX allows bots to analyze the market speedily, helping traders identify profitable opportunities quickly.


NEAR Protocol Retraces: Has It Lost Momentum Or Is It Gathering Energy To Spring?

In June 2024, NEAR is trading at $7.46, a 14%% drop from its May high of $8.50, forcing investors fleeing to seek refuge in DTX Exchange. However, with the expected crypto bull run, experts suggest NEAR Protocol is gathering energy for its next rally.

NEAR Protocol loyal holders remain optimistic the token will recover from its current slump to deliver significant returns. Their confidence in NEAR is visible in the rising trade volumes in June, despite the price drop, as they buy the dip, in expectation of a turnaround. 

Technical analysis shows NEAR Protocol RSI in the oversold zone, implying an impending price upturn. With NEAR bulls increasing buying momentum, price predictions forecast NEAR Protocol may end the year at trading $15

Can Whale Transactions On Ethena Help Boost Its Price?  

ENA continues appeailingl to crypto enthusiasts as its stablecoin, USDe, and staking protocol continue to attract investment, going by the rising market capitalization values. 

Ethena has maintained bullishness in the last month with its price soaring 23% from $0.87 to $1.07 between May and June. ENA holders remain optimistic it will continue on this trajectory with its bulls gaining more confidence and dominating the market. 

Ethena expert analysis shows it has broken out of a consolidation phase to an impending rally. Crypto price prediction suggests that ENA’s price could hit $2 by the end of 2024.  

DTX Exchange Advantage Over NEAR and ENA That Propelled It To The Top 

While DTX has all the features it requires to interest DeFi investors and reach the top, it has another advantage that crypto enthusiasts are more keen on. Profit potential.

Its profit promise in the ongoing public presale has NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Ethena (ENA) holders dumping their holdings to add DTX to their portfolios. With a 500% ROI forecast that we are confident the token will achieve and likely surpass, DTX paints a target on itself as the DeFi token to acquire for increased coin earnings.

DTX Exchange is in Stage 2 of its public presale and early investors have bagged a 100% price increase with token valuation reaching $0.04 from $0.02 in Stage 1. Further, it has experienced remarkable demand raising nearly $700,000, one week after reaching its current stage. 

DTX’s goal is to list on crypto exchanges once its price reaches $0.12, offering a 200% ascension from its current price that we are certain it will achieve, given its current trajectory. 

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