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DAO & NFTs as Flag Bearers Shaping the Upcoming Era for 2022

In 2020 and 2021, NFTs were everywhere. With this came a large demographic of creative problem solvers who can now explore the blockchain space more creatively through their work in art or design. Previously occupied by financially focused people or online casino UK players within cryptocurrency circles focused people within cryptocurrency circles has been filled with artists, builders, visionaries, innovators, community leaders, and allrounders capable of seeing how these technologies can be used and communicating their power on an international scale.

Industries that can see a huge surge in 2022

  • Gaming 

There are many reasons why the gaming industry has seen such a sharp rise in popularity thanks to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). First and foremost, gamers have been adopting new technologies that make playing games more engaging than ever before. Secondly, NFTs offer developers opportunities for revenue streams since their value can change based on various factors like supply or demand within different markets.

  • Music 

Music is taking a new turn with the introduction and popularity of blockchain technology. The past few years have seen an increased focus on NFTs by major artists, labels, teams as well creators who recognize how these platforms can revolutionize their entire industry; historically musicians were used or abused by record companies but now they’re starting to see that there’s potential for change if use them properly!

  • Metaverse

Facebook’s rebranding should be a clear sign to everyone in the crypto space and beyond. The future we are building here is inevitable, with or without Facebook’s new look—Metaverse will enter mainstream consciousness soon enough through tools like Web 3.0 (powered by NFTs) that guarantee diversity while protecting against exploitation of users’ financial empowerment!

The audience will need support from crypto experts and communities for all these to happen. Artsdao is a community of artists and NFT collectors based out of Dubai who has come together to build an accelerator that will bridge traditional creatives into the metaverse and the Web 3.0 world.

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At last, Just watch what happens in 2022.


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