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DAFEX: The World’s Leading Artificial Intelligence Trading System Builder

DAFEX (AIT) — Enjoy the fun of smart trading with the innovative technology: Artificial Intelligent Trading System

“We will not be able to imagine how blockchain technology changes the world – Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba.”

Living in a society that is depending on the Internet, it is difficult to live without information and data. Do you know that Blockchain acts on artificial intelligence through data?

The massive amount of data stored in blockchain improves and enhances the reliability, practical ability and accuracy of artificial intelligence. In addition, blockchain reduces the risk of artificial intelligence processing sensitive information, such as blockchain 3.0, smart contracts. Artificial intelligence will be a driving force while blockchain is the shield for content security.

How does blockchain help in the development of artificial intelligence in data collection and processing?

Data Collection

Blockchain allows information to be stored and transferred to one another. It forms a free and open data market providing a full spectrum database for artificial intelligence to improve its accuracy.

Data Supervision

Blockchain can help us track, understand and explain decisions made by Artificial Intelligence and makes it far simpler to be audited.

Data Protection

Blockchain databases hold their information in an encrypted state and are highly secure which enhance the credibility of artificial intelligence.

The Era of Digital Economy/ Blockchain/ Relations of Production/ AI/ Advance Productive Force/ Big Data/ Factors of Production.

In summary, artificial intelligence and blockchain are the two major technologies that accelerate social innovation and causing fundamental changes in all industries. Inevitably, the integration of them will arouse the curiosity and doubts of the outside world.

DAFEX Is The Company! Starting in late 2016, we put our efforts into combining our AI technology with Blockchain. Finally, in 2018, through relentless research and development, we have successfully developed the most completed Artificial Intelligence Trading System in the world – AIT. It has brought us the spotlight in the finance circle and won the hearts of many digital asset traders and investors.

AIT provides investors with a professional digital currency investment strategy through the artificial intelligence big data strategy analysis engine. Base on global real-time transactions, liquidity and big data to operate data mining, screening, analysis and collation to serve the purpose of automated investing and quantitative trading of digital currency.

DAFEX’s Artificial Intelligence Trading System (refer as AIT) has 3 advantages.

Real-time monitoring information from 132 countries worldwide.

AIT equips with the smart technology to monitor information of more than 132 countries and exchanges every second. AIT can solve all your problems in digital currency assets.  Whatever your mind can conceive, AIT can achieve. Trading strategy including digital economic policy, national economic policy, monetary policy, blockchain policy, newly issued token information, and the top 300 ICO information in the world.

A powerful system that processes technical analysis and data computing 2.4 billion times, every second.

Combining the world’s four leading smart trading systems with eight mainstream trading strategies and models, it can process mass data non-stop. It is the most effective technical analysis system in the world. Whether you are an experienced investor or not, it can help to give you a complete set of smart technology analysis and strategy. This powerful tool is as close to meet the needs of all digital currency traders.

A smart tool real-time monitoring thousands of digital currencies worldwide

AIT monitors more than 1,000 kinds of digital currencies every second. It is a smart trading tool that effectively reduces risk and provides opportunities for making a stable and long-term profit by selecting, analyzing and trading 10 to 20 kinds of current best trading currencies.  Every transaction is done automatically in 0.01 seconds.

As we all know, companies that own licenses issued by the regulatory authority in the financial industry, are the companies that have largely proven their capabilities and credibility. DAFEX is a licensed institution supervised by “Money Service Business”.

MSB is under the US Treasury Department. It has strict registration requirements and rules and monitors all financial market behavior such as financial services-related businesses and companies for digital currency trading, foreign transactions and exchange, international remittances and payments, and so on.

Not only the official approval of MSB proves that we value financial regulation and transparency but also shows that our performance has been in the leading position in the financial industry. We believe that in order to be the best, we have to strive for the advancement of good reputation, outstanding management and attractive terms.  

There are many “Heroes” out there who claim to perform miracles in the financial market, but let’s face the ugly truth: How many of them kept the title? As we look around, most of them were taken in pitfalls.

However, DAFEX might be your savior if you are looking for stable and long-term profits.

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