Dacxi Coin (DACXI) Review: The Need-To-Know Info Before You Invest

There are thousands of crypto assets on the market, and one of the most intriguing is Dacxi Coin. Dacxi Coin is the native crypto of the Dacxi Chain, and its main use case is to power the transfer of global investments. With the Dacxi Chain poised to revolutionize crowdfunding, it could be a wise choice of investment. But as with any investment decision, every angle needs to be closely analyzed. 

So, from Dacxi Coin’s background, to its use cases, to its role on the Dacxi Chain, let’s explore the official currency of the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding system. 

Dacxi Coin: A Breakdown

Dacxi Coin is a utility token, first launched in 2017. As touched on, Dacxi Coin plays a key role in the Dacxi Chain. And what is the Dacxi Chain? It’s the first ever global equity crowdfunding ecosystem to use tokenization to create digital versions of company shares, and make them easier than ever to sell and purchase all across the world. 

Crowdfunding has been around for ages, but it’s never really taken off. This is largely thanks to the inability of companies to scale their investor pools meaning they did not have the investor power to attract the ‘hot’ deals. The Dacxi Chain aims to change all this, by using the power of blockchain to link local crowdfunding companies into one global ecosystem thus creating one ‘scaled’ investor pool, one ‘crowd’. The coin then allows for fast and easy global transactions – and a faster and easier funding process for both entrepreneurs and investors. 

Dacxi Coin’s Use Case

Okay, now back to Dacxi Coin’s role on the Dacxi Chain. Within the Dacxi Chain network, Dacxi Coin plays a number of critical parts. 

It’s the currency that drives the transaction network – enabling the fast and easy transfer of investments across the world. It’s also used within the Dacxi Chain’s global crowdfunding ecosystem to pay for network validation, blockchain fees, and node staking. This puts the Dacxi Coin in a pretty powerful position. 

The Unique Complexity Of The Dacxi Chain

The Dacxi Chain is filled with complexities. The task of creating an aggregated pool of worldwide investors, and seamlessly connecting them with new investment opportunities, is a mammoth one. Which is quite possibly why no one else has done it before – until now. 

The Dacxi Chain’s complexity stems from its developers’ need for it to be genuinely borderless, and truly global. This means it must be built to work across many numerous languages, currencies, and local regulations. And if you’ve ever dealt with purchasing shares in an off-shore business, you’ll know those regulations can be a minefield. 

What makes the team behind the Dacxi Chain uniquely qualified to tackle these complexities head-on? The project’s leaders all hail from strong business backgrounds, with proven experience in launching (and growing) thriving worldwide digital companies. They have been building and proving the technology since 2018. So when it comes to getting something like the Dacxi Chain off the ground, they really know their stuff. 

Still Confused About The Difference Between The Dacxi Chain And The Dacxi Coin?

Let’s break it down simply. The Dacxi Chain is the ecosystem that uses tokenization to unleash crowdfunding’s true potential. Dacxi Coin is the utility token used within that ecosystem. 

As a whole ecosystem, the Dacxi Chain has a number of moving parts. Like a blockchain-based system that sees to the tokenization of equity shares, and the buying and selling of these tokenized shares on a network of local independent crowdfunding platforms.This is a decentralized solution.  These crowdfunding partners look after investor relationships, perform due diligence, and make sure that all ventures listed through the Dacxi Chain (and all investors) comply with local regulations. 

Top at-a-glance points…

  • IBM, HSBC and other major organizations project tokenized unlisted equities to be worth as much as a trillion US dollars by the end of the decade. Global Crowdfunding should be the largest sector of this revolution.
  • Blockchain-based Global Crowdfunding solves the scaling issue holding crowdfunding back and will allow entrepreneurs everywhere to raise capital from investors everywhere. 
  • Dacxi Chain is the pioneer of decentralized global crowdfunding and the Dacxi Coin will power the payments solution.  
  • With the potential of billions of transaction value per month, the potential demand for Dacxi Coin is very exciting.    
  • Dacxi Coin can be easily  bought and sold on a number of exchanges today. 

So, Should You Invest In Dacxi Coin? 

The answer comes down to two points: 

  1. How Dacxi Coin has performed until now
  2. How it will potentially perform in the future in its role within tokenized crowdfunding
  3. As with any investment based on future potential, it’s impossible to truly know for sure. Only you can provide the answer – based on your own research, and your own perspective. 

Past Performance And Potential Value

The Dacxi Coin’s developers have been working on the technology underpinning this project since 2017 and the coin has been listed since 2021. The coin has been ignored by the market because the time was not right to focus on the next generation of tokenized asset opportunities just like the timing for projects like Cardano and Uniswap did not receive attention until 2020. 

As for Dacxi Coin, it’s a utility token whose future value relies on the success of the Dacxi Chain and its ambitious goal to revolutionize crowdfunding. The Dacxi Chain is one of the first (if not the very first) movers in tokenized unlisted equity, which is a promising sign. After all, just look at other first-movers in the internet age, like Amazon..  

Buying Dacxi Coin

If after reading this Dacxi Coin deep dive you’d like to purchase the coin, it can be traded on HitBTC, BitForex and CONSBIT. You can also buy it through the Dacxi Chain website

Cointracking is available on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and CoinPaprika.

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