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Dacxi announces a blockchain to connect innovators to a massive new pool of investors

Global demand for early-stage funding and the urgent search by investors for the next big thing has created the biggest explosion of wealth creation in history. Now the Dacxi Chain will accelerate it even faster by bringing new innovations to market, connected to a massive new pool in investors. 

The early stage of product development and marketing is where the hyper growth in value happens – and they are the investment opportunities everyone is looking for, but very few get a chance to grasp. 

At the head of the next wave of hyper-growth opportunities coming with Crypto 4.0 we have the world’s first tokenized crowdfunding solution – the Dacxi Chain. 

It’s one of the very best demonstrations yet seen of a practical blockchain solution to a real-world problem. 

Dacxi Chief Product Officer Fernand Pacheco says “it’s a perfect example of the new wave of blockchain based innovations coming with Crypto 4.0. The Dacxi Chain will give people all over the world the freedom to invest in return for equity in projects they know have potential – and then to benefit from their exponential growth in value as the rest of the world catches on too.” 

Hyper-growth opportunities can come from anywhere 

Dacxi Global CEO Ian Lowe believes “there are just as many brilliant early-stage investment opportunities in developing nations as there are in the industrialized world. The Dacxi Chain tokenized crowdfunding system solves the problem of reach, by directly connecting brilliant innovators in countries like Vietnam or Poland with a global pool of investors who know a good thing when they see it, regardless of where it’s located. It also allows millions of people in countries where venture investing has previously been out of reach to get involved and create their own new wealth – and add to demand fueled hyper-growth in values of the systems like that Dacxi Chain, which make it all possible.” 

dacxi Coin powers the Dacxi Chain. 

The Dacxi Coin is intrinsic to the Dacxi Chain, allowing investments to be transported globally, instantly, and cheaply. The Dacxi Chain is poised to unlock tens of billions of dollars of value through efficient, barrierless crowdfunding. Tokenization will turn crowdfunding into the trillion dollar hyper-growth sector it should be. And that will take tens of billions of dollars of Dacxi Coins to make it happen. 

Felipe Machado
Dacxi Coin Marketing Manager
E: [email protected]

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