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CryptoSlots Set to Takeover the Billion-dollar Gaming Market with Go for Gold 

In a recent data analysis from four of the biggest gaming markets; China, Japan, UK, and the US, Accenture [NYSE: ACN] estimates that the true value of the gaming industry has exceeded the $300 billion market. With over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide in 2021, experts have argued that a new wave of social-seeking gamers are pushing the market far beyond human expectation, partly due to the outbreak of the novel Corona Virus pandemic and accompanying lockdowns in various parts of the world. 

Worth more than both the movie and music industries combined, the introduction of blockchain, the underlying technology on which cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin are built, have also contributed to the immense rise in the value of this market. With a market cap of $10.5 billion and a trading volume of $5.4 billion, as calculated by CoinMarketCap, the blockchain-based crypto gaming market, still at its infant stage, is showing true signs of a market ready for global adoption. 

Most experts opine that blockchain, being an immutable, transparent, and permanent technology could drive substantial growth to the market if integrated fully. While this is true, the adoption of this technology still talked about is yet to come to fruition. However, a ton of platforms are already evolving and introducing a set of new ideas to push the gaming market forward, CryptoSlots is one of such. 

CryptoSlots Online Casino 

Whilst a plethora of crypto-based gaming platforms have been launched to offer an unreal gaming experience, CryptoSlots, through the introduction of a series of advanced games, is seeking to cement its place as an ideal and innovative platform. 

Launched in 2018 and operated by Scotland Entertainment S.A; a leading gaming brand with over 20 years of experience, CryptoSlots is an online casino built to offer a phantasmagoric gaming experience to gamers, leveraging the trillion-dollar crypto market and blockchain technology. 

In an unprecedented fashion, CryptoSlots has integrated a new system, Probably Fair. Described as a mathematical system, Probably Fair, as reported by the website, was deployed to ensure that neither the player nor casino knows, beforehand, the supposed outcome of the game hence guaranteeing users a transparent gaming experience that cannot be tampered with. Probably Fair will present players with a set of possible outcomes of the game right before he/she starts playing. 

Always ready to deliver more, CryptoSlots has launched the Go for Gold slot game. Already at par with some of the existing games on the online casino platform, Go for Gold ranks very high in terms of quality, as revealed by the team. 

Go for Gold — How to Play 

To play this game, users are required to sign up by providing a working email address, a username (has to be unique), and a password. Quite different from all of the other CryptoSlots games, Go for Gold will have 50 pay-lines and a bet range of $0.5 to $10. 

On CryptoSlots, gamers can double their deposits to play this new game from August 5 – 11th using the 100% match bonus code, NEWSPINS. 

That is not all, new gamers will have the opportunity to earn a 133% welcome bonus on their first deposit by signing up here and using the code, WELCOME133. This is part of the online casino’s initiative to encourage users to hop on its new game. 

According to the team, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the anonymous coin, Monero, are the only accepted deposit methods for Go for Gold. However, users will stand a chance to win loads of bonuses — 1x symbol will attract a 1x bonus on each bet, the 2x symbol will offer users a 3x bonus on their bets while the 3 or more bonus symbols will unlock the free spin bonus games. 

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