CryptoGames: a Well-Known Gambling Spot for Crypto Gamblers

Casino culture around the world has now taken a turn and become more modern as the use of cryptocurrencies for entertainment purposes has become very popular. Especially during the past two years, crypto gambling noticeably became more popular among digital gamblers as it was nearly impossible for people to visit physical casinos. This engaged a massive number of gambling lovers in modern casino games. Due to the rise in popularity, online casinos are building more secure financial transaction systems and other gambling services for their players. For bringing crypto gambling experiences to everyone’s reach, online casinos are now polishing their architecture to be accessible for all kinds of devices. Although access to crypto gambling has become more open, many still fall behind to offer all the necessary attributes to their players. However, with this review, we shall look inside a crypto-based casino that has become one of the most well-known crypto gambling spots for gamblers. The casino is called CryptoGames, and we will look into its UI, transaction options, and most importantly, what it offers for entertainment.
It is a registered online casino that operates under the jurisdiction of the Curacao government and is owned by MuchGaming B.V. The casino hosts 9 games in total with a financial system that supports 10 cryptocurrencies for deposit, withdrawal, and exchange. In the following descriptions, you will be able to learn about the highlighted attributes of the casino:
User Interface
The architecture of the website is efficient and accessible for all devices. The user interface offers a sleek and lag-free gambling experience even for mobile phone users. The overall system tries to offer flawless designs for the games. The user interface also offers lightweight features for smooth navigation every time. There are no unwanted click baits or unwanted popups on the website. Which means the whole website is as clean as it can be. And the chances of malicious virus attacks also get decreased on the website. The system also has a live chat box open for the players at all times. Through the chat box, all players can talk to each other, send cryptocurrencies as gifts or even buy lottery tickets. VIP players can also use the chatbox for talking with the managers of the casinos regarding any topic of their choice. In addition, the user interface also provides important tabs like FAQ, Chat Rules, Customer Support, Security and Privacy Policies, Gambling Policies, and more.

All Transaction Methods:
For hassle-free transactions, the players will find a convenient transaction system, that includes the latest methods. The 10 cryptocurrencies are converted to credits before each game. For the credit conversion, players have to deposit the funds first. Depositing or withdrawal of funds is only available for players who have completed their registration process for their accounts. Conversion rates are updated every 10 minutes and can be found on the game’s home page individually. The offered cryptocurrencies include:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash for deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges.

For transactions of cryptocurrencies, there are two kinds of systems available at the casino. The modern deposits and exchanges systems can be accessed through Onramper and ChangeNow. They can also be accessed using the regular system that the website offers for laid-back players. For the modern deposit system, Onramper is a third-party fiat currency depositor, and ChangeNow is a third-party crypto exchanging website. Onramper can be used to make deposits of fiat currencies with credit cards. A wide number of fiat currencies can be deposited from anywhere in the world using credit cards. And ChangeNow can be used to exchange any other cryptocurrencies than the 10 available ones on the website of CryptoGames. This means, if there are players who use other cryptocurrencies, then they can also play at CryptoGames using their cryptocurrencies. For using the regular transaction systems, players can find all the functions in the “Your Account Tab”.
Entertaining Games:
CryptoGames architecture consists of carefully curated casino games that are all worthy of mention. Their list of lightweight games impresses mass gamblers around the world without a doubt. Every one of the games is capable of delivering pure entertainment through their simple guidelines. Each one of them is different from any other version players usually find in regular online casinos. To add up the thrill in the games, CryptoGames also hosts many monthly events where players compete with each other in a healthy way playing these games.


The first game players are guided to by the Play Now tab is Dice. Just clicking the Play Now button, players see the game of Dice on their screen along with all the available cryptocurrencies for the game. Players will also have the option to use the Play Money currency for testing the game. With an achievable winning range that is accompanied by the progressive jackpot, Dice offers simple entertainment for beginners. To play, players pick their desired cryptocurrency at first. Moving forward, they select the bet amount they want to place either manually or by using the auto bet feature. In the auto betting feature, multiple bets are allowed to be run for multiple rounds. After placing the bet amount, a payout multiplier for the bet has to be selected. A bet’s winning chances will depend on the payout multiplier chosen by the player. If a high payout multiplier is chosen, then the bet’s winning chances decreases. In the game, a correct prediction has to be made to score a win. Detailed guidelines on the game will be given on the How to Play tab.

Also known as the descendant of the card game 21, Blackjack offers a great gambling experience for beginners. In Blackjack, the game has to be played against the computer, which is the house itself. The famous card game is enjoyed by gamblers around the world for all its simplicity. There are 10 cryptocurrencies available for the game.

Building a hand that is better than the house’s, is one way to score a win in the game. Blackjack comes with great intensity that builds up every time a player hits deal or hit. And it multiplies when they choose to double up their bets. Bet amounts or necessary components for the bet has to be set up before a bet is finalized. When the player hits the deal, 2 cards are given to the player. If the 2 cards can sum up to 21 points, then the game ends there and the casino compensates the player. Otherwise, the deals continue until someone scores more than 21 points or builds a winning hand. Detailed guidelines on the game or the cards will be given on the How to Play tab.

From a great number of simply designed games, Lottery is the game that takes the least amount of effort from the players’ end. The game has absolutely no critical rules or guidelines to follow. Because of this simplicity, Lottery is one of the most sought-after casino games of all time. While other games require you to follow specific rules or may seem critical at many points, Lottery doesn’t need any advanced skills for the players to achieve. The excitement for the game builds up as the drawing day approaches. The policies for drawing the winning tickets are fair and square for all. All Lottery winners are picked using the Random Picker, a provably fair technology that guarantees unbiased drawing at all times. There are 4 cryptocurrencies provided for the game. The draws depend on the cryptocurrencies available for the game. For each of them, there are different numbers of lots, ticket prices and even drawing days.


Roulette provides new gamblers an exclusive gambling experience since it is one of the games that require analytical skills to build strategies. The meaning of the name is taken from a French word that translates to a little wheel. For Roulette, there is a rotating wheel containing 37 numbers and one zero. Players of the game are compensated if the ball they throw on the wheel lands on their predicted neighbor bets on the board. The neighbor bets are set when the players place their betting chips on the wheel. There is a dedicated betting board for setting up the neighbors. The chips can be placed on any number. The bet amount rises depending on the number of chips placed on the table. The architecture of the game includes an automatic feature that places the betting chips automatically on the betting table. This means players will also have the option to rely on the automatic features when they are confused about where to place their betting chips. The automatic feature is known as the “Neighbour Bets”. There are 4 automatic options in the neighbor bets. Although they may come in handy during the confusion, it is not guaranteed that the automatic neighbor bets will choose the winning places for you.


Many gamblers know Plinko as a gambling game that gained popularity since it was featured on the show, “The Price is Right” in the 1980s. With a lot of similarities to the old-school Plinko, the modern version has gained a great number of loyal players at CryptoGames. Which goes on to show how the game’s popularity is rising on the internet. There are 10 different cryptocurrencies available for the game. For Plinko, there is a digital pyramid that displays many pegs and four different payout slots at the bottom. The ball that is dropped from the top of the pyramid comes in four colors. Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. When a color is picked, the ball will reach the payout slot dedicated for that color only. The excitement for the game builds up as the colored ball makes its way to its dedicated slot at the bottom. Depending on the house edge of the color, and the payout multiplier at the bottom, players get compensated for all their bets. The house edges for all games will vary depending on the colors of the balls.

To build up the intensity of Dice, the casino created another version of it that is different from the regular version in terms of looks and design. DiceV2 however has a similar set of rules as Dice. To score a win, DiceV2 players have to make a correct prediction of their roll. If a result is correctly predicted then it will be shown on the slider according to the new design. In the game, there is a slider that can customize the bets settings for each round. When moved to the leftmost side, the bets winning chances will be MAX. When moved to the rightmost side, the winning chances will be set to MIN. When a player increases their winning chances, they reduce their payout amount and they increase their payout amount when they choose to decrease their winning chances. When the bet is set up and the dice are rolled, a green zone is set on the bar. If a correct prediction is made, then the key on the slider moves back and forth creating a sound effect of a rolling dice. The key will stop on the green zone if a player makes a correct prediction. Otherwise, it will stop outside the green zone. There will be two ways to place the bets in DiceV2. Manually or by using the auto bet function.
Always iconic as a highly entertaining computer game, Minesweeper is one of the best puzzle games offered at any modern casino. CryptoGames added it into the casino to let the players earn easy rewards from the game. The game rewards the players for every box they successfully click on without hitting a mine. It also allows the players to withdraw the rewards they have earned from successfully clicking on the boxes. This instant cash-out option is only available as long as they do not hit any mine. In case a player hits a mine, the entire bet amount that they have placed will be lost. And the player will have to return empty-handed. The minefield consists of mines and coins. When they turn a box or click on it, they either land on a mine or a coin. The number of coins or mines hidden on the field will depend on the number the players will set at the beginning of the game. Minesweeper is a perfect choice for beginner-level gamblers who are looking for flexible options to easily win more rewards with less effort. It is always good to start with a small amount for the game since all right moves are profitable and can be withdrawn without any trouble. In the game, players will have the option to place their bets either manually or by using the auto bet feature.

Video Poker:
Along with Blackjack, the players at CryptoGames find Video Poker as an exciting option for testing their card game skills. The players take thrill in playing 3 different types of Video Poker at the casino. CryptoGames 3 versions of the game are flexible and open for access at all times. All of them can be played using all the cryptocurrencies available on the website. The Play Money currency will also be available for use. At the top left corner of the game, players will find the three options to choose from. When clicked upon the game, the casino shows Jacks or Better automatically. However, the players will be able to switch to any other variants as they wish. Along with Jacks or Better, there are Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. In the game, there will be three different house edges for the three variants individually. To score a win, Video Poker players must use all 5 cards they are dealt with to form a winning hand. Detailed guidelines about the game are given on the How to Play tab where the players can also find out more about the worth of each card. To add more digital features to the game, the casino also offers an automatic system called the Smart Hold.

Almost all casinos around the world offer the classic Slot game to hold on to the classic essence of retro gambling. In physical casinos, the game of Slot is usually designed for gamblers who are into simple games that require the least amount of effort. If upon a spin, the players form any winning combination, then the casino pays them immediately according to the payout amount the combination carries. The winning combinations are formed with 5 different colorful symbols that must line up in the middle row.
To offer flexibility, the casino doesn’t require you to form any of the 7 winning combinations in any particular order. This is why Slot has a great winning possibility for every round. Each of the combinations will have its individual payout amounts. On the How to Play tab, you will get a clear understanding of how the game or the payout table works for each of the combinations. Slot can be played using all the available cryptocurrencies along with the Play Money currency. Players can also check how many times a combination has been won on the game’s page.
Automatic Features Plays on Your Behalf:

To make the games easier for beginners, CryptoGames created automatic features for all players. To run the bets for several rounds with the specified setup, players can use the Auto Bet feature while they finalize the bets. The automatic system offers the options to set how the bet size, payout multiplier will change based on the change of fund. The Auto Bet feature is different for all the games. For example in the game of Dice, the auto bet feature will also give a player the option to change how their dice are rolled based on the options they choose for the bets. For the card game, Video Poker, there is an automatic feature called the Smart Hold feature. It is available for all three versions of the game. Video Poker’s special feature allows a player to rely on the automatic feature to form their hand.

Additional Rewards:
CryptoGames offers additional rewards through rewarding features and jackpots. Its players can find the jackpots in Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. The addition of jackpots makes all three games more engaging. There are great prize amounts for all three jackpots. The total amount of rewards a player can win through jackpots will vary according to the cryptocurrencies they use for the individual games. A guideline for winning the jackpots is given in the tabs of the games. Aside from that, CryptoGames has exclusive features that provide the players with additional rewards at the casino. Additional rewards come as Play Money rewards and a small amount of cryptocurrencies. The Faucet and Rainbot system are the two features that help the players with rewards they can spend in testing the games. Right after a player completes their basic registration, free access to the Faucet feature is given to them. To start playing with the Play Money reward, they can simply go to the Rewards Tab and request for it. On the first request, all players are given 350 Play Money to play the games. Lottery cannot be played with the test currency. Players can increase the number of requests by leveling up their accounts. The Rainbot feature also rewards a player in small amounts of cryptocurrencies as they level up their player profile. Player levels can be increased in very simple ways. More information on how to increase player level is given on the casino. The casino also allows the players to earn more rewards by sharing their referral links with others. This promotional event spreads the word about CryptoGames to other gamblers.
Crypto Entertainment at CryptoGames
While the gambling industry is bound to bring new changes and add new dimensions for the players, CryptoGames remains consistent with their service to become one of the most prominent gambling platforms on today’s internet. With all the automatic features, it is trying to promote the fun of digital gambling to any type of gambler.  Without making any compromise with its quality, the casino also provides utmost clarity in its policies and system. Hence it can be said that the casino is truly capable of serving digital gamblers for a long time down the road.

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