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Cryptocurrency Weekly News At A Glance

Weekly Tweets  

7th June Monday 2021 


 1. Michael Saylor CEO of MicroStrategy tweeted on Monday that his company declares $400 million notes to obtain more Bitcoin. 

 2. Justin Suntron shared that El Salvador has become a crypto nation now, and Tron will be the first crypto organization to establish its office there. 

 3. Robert Breedlove shared his views on Bitcoin Conference and said it was one of the best experiences of his life. 

 4. Disclose Tv shared the views of Donald Trump on Bitcoin according to which Bitcoin is a scam that is competing against the dollar. 

 5. The Moon tweeted that they are in Bitcoin to take back power from Government and give it back to people. 

 6. Bitcoin Archive tweeted that Elon musk and Michael Saylor are not the same as one sold $300 million worth of Bitcoin while the other wants to buy another $400 Million. 

  7. The Moon tweeted that at $110k Bitcoin will worth more than any company in the world. 

 8. David Gokhshtein tweeted that Elon Musk’s reputation has gone down after his statement on Bitcoin.

 9. Documenting Bitcoin tweeted that 70% of people in El Salvador have no bank account but still people are criticizing their one chance of hope Bitcoin.


 10. Ledger tweeted that asking who is shifting to El Salvador.


8th June Tuesday 2021

1. Cameron Winklevoss said that the Bitcoin network has not been hacked by the FBI. 

2. Disclose TV shared the news that Bitcoin is down 10% after Trump’s statement and the FBI announced that they have seized a wallet from the Colonial Pipeline hacker.

3. Alistair Milne shared important Bitcoin events.

4. Bitcoin Archive tweeted that now Bitcoin has now spread to Panama.

5. Nayib Bukele shared in his tweet that the Bitcoin Bill proposal that they will send to Congress is almost ready.

6. Cameron Winklevoss tweeted that after El Salvador, Paraguay, and Panama which is a nation-state is next.

7. Steve Hank shared the news that Paraguay congressman Carlitos Rejala tries to make BTC legal tender.

8. Aaron Rupar tweeted that Bitcoin is down sharply after the news that the FBI seized criminal proceeds from the Bitcoin wallet.

9. Tyler Winklevoss said that Bitcoin is a separation of money and state.


10.Binance shared the news that MicroStrategy intends to offer $400 million senior secured notes to raise funds to purchase more Bitcoin. 


9th June Wednesday 2021

1. Bitcoin Magazine shared the news that The President of El Salvador has taught the state-possessed geothermal electric organization to assemble an arrangement to mine Bitcoin with volcanic discharges energy which is 100% perfect, 100% sustainable, 0 outflows energy. 

2. David Gokhshtein said that he wonders that what Elon Musk has to say in El Salvador.

3. CoinMarketCap shared the news that El Salvador officially adopts Bitcoin. 

4. Michael Saylor says Bitcoin mining is quickly and normally advancing toward cleaner, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly power sources quicker than any significant industry on the planet.

5. Bitcoin archive Warren Buffett just put $500 Million in Nubank which is a Brazilian digital bank that intends to offer interests in Bitcoin ETFs.

6. Bitcoin News shared the news that Bitcoin is been approved by a supermajority Salvadoran Congress.

7. Michael Saylor announced on Twitter that MicroStrategy reports estimating $500 Million of 6.125% Senior Secured Notes due 2028 to gain extra bitcoin.

8. Alistair Milne shared a few weekly important Bitcoin news on Twitter.

9. Documenting Bitcoin shared the statement of Tunisia’s minister of Economy in which he says that he will change the law as they cannot put a young man behind the bars for buying Bitcoin.

10. Michael Saylor invited people on Wednesday to meet with the member of the Bitcoin Council to discuss Bitcoin mining.


10th June Thursday 2021

  1. Bitcoin Magazine stated that David Guetta is selling his Miami residence for $14 Million in Bitcoin. 

  1. Preston Pysh took a dig at IMF saying that the fact that the IMF is making threatening statements to a country with a GDP of only 24 billion annually tells you more about their fear of Bitcoin than anything else. Good luck stopping it.

  1. DavidGokhshteintweeted that the Elites are now scared of Bitcoin. 

  1. The Moon said in their tweet that Bitcoin will be the World reserve currency within 10 years.

  1. Warren Davidson says that dictators need to utilize the monetary framework as a method for control instead of methods for trade and store of significant worth. To defend freedom, we should guard sound money. Furthermore, don’t accept this deception on energy; bitcoin is really developing interest in environmentally friendly power universally.

  1. Bitcoin Archive shared the news that Victory Capital Management is planning to offer a private fund composed of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  1. Benaskren took a dig on Elon Musk after Nayib Bukele shared the news that El Salvador will be using renewable and clean ways of producing electricity for Bitcoin mining. 

  1. Jack tweeted that Bitcoin encourages renewable energy.

  1. Disclose TV shared the news that according to democrat senator Elizabeth Warren Bitcoin is a disaster for our planet.

  1. Peter McTaproot says that slowly countries, states, towns, cities are becoming a friendly place for Bitcoin. He also shared few names. 

11th June Friday 2021

 1. Michael Saylor tweeted that Bitcoin is the most efficient use of energy ever.

  1. Michael Saylor stated in his tweet that Texas is playing the main job in Bitcoin improvement. This is a major success for their banks, energy makers, and residents, and sets an incredible model for those states bound to follow and he welcomes Gregg Abbott.

  1. Bitcoin archive tweeted that IKEA of Hongkong is accepting Bitcoin on lightning.

  1. Reuters shared the news that El Salvador becomes the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender.

  1. CameronWinklevosstweeted that Bitcoin empowers the individual. 

  1. Layah Heilpern tweeted that JPMorgan says that El Salvador is unlikely to see any tangible economic benefits by making Bitcoin legal tender.

  1. Michael Saylor replied tweet to Elizabeth Warren stating they finally have the technology Bitcoin to empower billions of poor & working-class people with property rights, economic security, & freedom from financial repression by the state & institutions, and the fact that they are using electricity for this should not be our concern.

  1. Bitcoin Magazine tweeted that Texas allowed its state banks to hold Bitcoin.

  1. Greg Abbot tweeted that Cryptocurrency won the vote of confidence from the Government and Texas is open for Crypto business.

  1. Michael Saylor said that The China mining crackdown will diminish the carbon impression of bitcoin significantly, decentralize the organization further, improve network security, improve the productivity of mining, and advantage North American Bitcoin diggers.


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