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Cryptocurrency News | Waves makes way into Top 20 Coins as Crypto Market Stumbles


The Waves coin has witnessed a market trend and risen by over 150%. Not only, has it’s price risen to $2.49 per coin.  Its value is also growing against BTC.

The cryptocurrency entered the top 20 coins by market cap, but fell back to 22nd place as other coins also rose in price. The market cap is presently $245 million.

Dynamics of the Platform


Waves has its own decentralized exchange (DEX) where these tokens can be traded alongside some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero. There are 69 tradeable coins on the Waves DEX with over 20,000 custom tokens in use.

After first introducing smart contract functionality to the platform in September 2018, it’s now adding smart assets and smart account trading. An announcement was posted December 13, and the functionality will be added to the blockchain’s mainnet once the platform miners vote their agreement. The platform also released its wallet add-on for the Firefox browser on December 14, and will be launching a European securities token trading platform in 2019.

There may well be some growing confidence in the blockchain. The platform announced it had processed more transactions in one day than any other on October 21, 2018, reaching 6.1 million and surpassing Ethereum at 1.3 million and EOS at 5.4 million.

A Boon for Investors

The  platform could also interest investors with its dual business focuses of token creation and smart contract blockchain functionality, and decentralized exchange, giving it two markets to drive success.

In terms of up and coming blockchains, Waves is not without competition. The price of TRON’s TRX isn’t performing as well as WAVES. However, it is also not being impacted as much by crypto-winter as other coins. dApp usage on the TRON blockchain surged to 1 million transactions last week and the TRON Foundation has just launched its own exchange. With so many achievements in its kitty Waves is all set to disrupt the crypto market.


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