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Cryptocurrency News | “Binance is Most Trusted Crypto Exchange Despite Light Regulation” says Su Zhu


Three Arrows Capital CEO, Su Zhu recently said that Binance, the world’s major crypto exchange is the most trusted exchange amongst investors in the crypto community.

Zhu responded to a poll ran by a small crypto exchange on Twitter and said that Binance a lightly regulated exchange has become the most trusted crypto exchange amongst the real users. He further added that one cannot build trust by obtaining government licenses or rubber stamps.

In most of the sectors, regulators impose some strict limitations on crypto trading to avert the use of crypto assets in money laundering and illicit acts. Even if the main platform of the world’s largest crypto exchange focuses on pure crypto-to-crypto trading, it also runs some strictly regulated fiat-to-crypto exchanges in Uganda. And it is soon going to operate one in Singapore with the support of local banks and Singaporean authorities.

Binance especially benefits from the crypto-friendly rules that Malta has imposed to facilitate the development of a local crypto market. Yet as a Europe country, Malta also has some determined financial rules and policies that the crypto exchange have to follow.

Key Focus on Security and Investor Protection

Ever since Binance was launched, it has always focused on security and investor protection. And even today, Binance remains to be in a reputable group of crypto exchanges besides Coinbase and a few other exchanges that have not suffered any sort of security breach and hacking attack since the launch.

Nevertheless, the trust that actual traders and investors have on Binance likely comes from the track record of the firm and the systematic communication betwixt the exchange’s officials and the community.

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao is well known for providing frequent updates about potential updates, announcements and changes related to the exchange. For instance, when previously Binance ran an important server and database updates, the CEO and the team of the exchange provided hourly updates, assuring that the investor’s funds remain safe on the platform.

And without any sort of regulatory pressure, the exchange voluntarily collaborated with a blockchain data analysis firm called Chainalysis that monitors transactions and wallets involved in criminal and fraudulent acts.

However, for major exchanges that take steps to prevent the use of crypto assets in illicit acts and which are well equipped with strong internal management systems, a self-regulatory status can be considered to offer regulatory clemency to the swiftly developing crypto market.


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