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Cryptocurrency Weekly News At A Glance

Here is the list of cryptocurrency news trending on Twitter for the week from 31st May 2021 (Monday) to 4th June 2021 (Friday):                                  

31st May 2021 (Monday)

1. Tyler Winklevoss tweeted that in case inflation runs high the first asset one should own is Bitcoin and the last is the US dollar.

2. Bitcoin Magazine tweeted that the Reserve Bank of India announced that Bitcoin and Exchanges are not banned in India.

3. Bitcoin Magazine tweeted that 3.2 billion of Bitcoin was sold at a loss last week after being acquired for the previous 4 to 13 weeks. 

4. The Moon stated in their tweet that people who sold Bitcoin because they are afraid of regulation actually do not understand Bitcoin. 

5. David Gokhshtein tweeted that Bitcoin is over $37000 again. 

6. Lark Davis said in his tweet that if one cannot handle the bumps then they do not deserve the pumps in context to Bitcoin. 

7. Mr. Whale tweeted that CNBC is presently requiring a quick bearish Bitcoin value breakdown. 

8. Mr. Whale stated in their tweet that Bitcoin is set to close its most noticeably worst month in its whole history, down 38%. 

9. Altcoin daily posted that over 50% will own a bitcoin in the future which is less than 10% now. 

10. Bitcoin news posted the statement of a Chinese economist according to whom Bitcoin is dangerous and if widely adopted then everyone will die. 


1st June 2021 (Tuesday)

1. Lark Davis tweeted that bottom is in or near “bye” banks and “buy” Bitcoin. 

2. David Gokhshtein stated in his tweet that no matter what Elon Musk tweets, it will certainly send the market up. 

3. Cameron Winklevoss tweeted that Bitcoin is King in the land of trillion-dollar budget deficits. 

4. Michael Taylor tweeted that Bitcoin is a hope. 

5. Matt Wallace said in his tweet that he never heard anyone giving a good argument of why Dogecoin does not have what it takes to pass Bitcoin. 

6. Bitcoin Archive tweeted taking a dig on Bank blocking payments to Bitcoin Exchanges. 

7. Coin bureau tweeted that In Venezuela, individuals are utilizing bitcoin to pay for essential goods and services. 

8. The moon stated that Bitcoin will reach $300000 this year. 

9. Michael van de Pope tweeted that altcoins are moving close by Bitcoin upwards and that is an indication of solidarity of the whole market. 

10. Mary Fox Crypto said in a tweet that no matter what happens in the short term Bitcoin will hit $100000. 


2nd June 2021 (Wednesday)

1. Documenting Bitcoin tweeted the statement of Ron Paul of how Bitcoin should be legalized as money and should give competition to the US dollar. 

2. Mr. Whale tweeted that Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen’s lawyers have mentioned SEC to Investigate and acquire significant records from iFinex, a similar Chinese firm that works Tether and Bitfinex. 

3. Jason A Williams said in his tweet that June will be epic for Bitcoin. 

4. Robert Breedlove stated in his tweet that Central banking is tyranny and by working for Bitcoin they are doing God’s work. 

5. Heidi tweeted that she did not sell any Bitcoin in the last dip and will not sell any of them in the future too. 

6. Michael Saylor stated the statement of Bruce Lee connecting it to the current situation of Bitcoin. 

7. Coin Market Cap tweeted the estimated Bitcoin value by the end of June which is $43k. 

8. Nikita Sachdev tweeted that she is heading for Miami Bitcoin Conference with the Luna PR team.  

9. The moon posted that Bitcoin is a saving account with an average growth of 200% a year. 

10. Bitcoin Magazine tweeted about Miami Bitcoin Conference this week with 12000 attendees. 


3rd June 2021 (Thursday)

1. Bloomberg tweeted that Bitcoin’s value goes down after the cryptic tweet of Elon Musk

2. Elon Musk tweeted a heartbroken emoji with Bitcoin which took Twitter by storm. 

3. David Gokhshtein defended Elon Musk after Elon Musk’s reputation hits low on Twitter after attacking bitcoin. 

4. Michael Saylor tweeted the statement of J.P Morgan on Bitcoin. 

5. Cynthia Lummis tweeted about Going to Bitcoin Conference. Attempting to guarantee sound money exists for my grandson and yours. 

6. Davinci Jeremie tweeted that regardless of how low bitcoin and Ethereum will go from here, he is wagering they will be significantly higher than the current cost one year from now. 

7. Matt Wallace replied to Elon Musk’s tweet stating that he is leaving Bitcoin for Dogecoin. 

8. John E Deaton said he is in Bitcoin Conference and a speaker just said a colossal chance is in cross-line installments and settlements particularly distributed without a delegate like a bank. 

9. Stacy Herbert tweeted that Max ⁦and ⁦⁦⁦SpencerKSchiff⁩ discussing the best cash on earth Bitcoin – at ⁦The Bitcoin Conference.  

10. Lark Davis tweeted about imagining a scenario where bitcoin enters a long unpleasant bear market, however, all the other things like Ethereum, Polka dot, and Cardano simply continue siphoning. 


4th June 2021 (Friday)

1. Greg Abbott said in his tweet that Blockchain is a flourishing industry that Texas should be engaged with. 

2. Michael Saylor tweeted a statement of Jack Dorsey on Bitcoin “I don’t think there is anything more important in my life to work on.”

3. Michael Saylor thanked everyone all cyber hornets for their support in the Miami Bitcoin conference. 

4. Disclose. tv tweeted a video of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey heckled over censorship during a Bitcoin event. 

5. Bloomberg tweeted that an enigmatic tweet from Elon Musk indicating a possible split with Bitcoin has sent the digital currency sliding indeed. 

6. Peter Schiff stated in his tweet that at this point in time Michael Saylor has high net worth than him. 

7. Jack Dorsey CEO of Square said in his tweet that Square is considering making a hardware wallet for bitcoin. 

8. Jeff Booth tweeted that in the event that you confide in currency to centralization, one individual, or a little gathering of individuals, can alter their perspective, with stunning ramifications for you. 

9. Michael Saylor tweeted the statement of Mark Twain “Buy bitcoin, they’re not making it anymore.” 

10. Matt Wallace tweeted whether one likes the consequences of it or not Elon Musk understands what he is doing. He will probably make Dogecoin pass Bitcoin one day and large numbers of his present moves are made considering that ultimate objective.

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