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Crypto Trackers: How to decide which best suits you!

Crypto coins are gaining popularity as a preferred investment method. New Crypto coins continue to emerge. Some of the known cryptos include; Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin among others. Crypto coins have different values and considering stock changes you need experienced support to benefit from this investment. The best help in managing crypto coins is a cryptocurrency price tracker.

What is a Cryptocurrency Price Tracker?

A cryptocurrency price tracker is responsible for monitoring the value of digital currencies on the stock market. Such a tracker generates reports on the current value against the prior value of digital currencies. The generated reports help investors make informed decisions as well as compare the different coins’ performances.

A digital currency is not easy to understand especially for beginners. Therefore, a cryptocurrency tracker is an important tool for investors. The report on the crypto value has a major significance on investor’s decisions. The tracker will usually make consistent updates on the crypto’s value. Therefore, registering for a tracker is a beneficial decision.

Reasons why a tracker is important

  •  A cryptocurrency tracker secures your trade record. The tracker keeps all relevant information you may need in the future secure even after changing devices.
  • Taxes are a requirement even when dealing with investing in stocks. Using a cryptocurrency tracker, you can have your accounting and taxation well organized. Tax authorities may require you to declare trading income hence having all records is important.
  • Digital currency is different from managing cash. You may easily be confused if you have no experience transacting crypto. However, the cryptocurrency tracker manages all your funds as well as generates a portfolio of all transactions.

How to choose a reliable Crypto Tracker

There are several trackers to choose from. However, you might want to look for an honest, reliable, and efficient service provider. Most importantly you should consider the aspect of time. Stocks change from time to time. therefore, you need instant updates.  

One of the most reliable cryptocurrency trackers is Delta crypto tracker. Most crypto trackers operate as both a Bitcoin app and a crypto tracker. These trackers work with all crypto coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin among other altcoins. Usually, they instantly send updates to their users in their preferred currency and generate market charts for market insight. 

Features of a reliable crypto tracker

Connect portfolios with crypto wallets and exchanges

Crypto tracker should keep track of every transaction as well as exchange fees. However, other trackers may require you to link your exchanges, crypto, and wallet to your portfolio.

Generate Market overview & watchlist

The crypto tracker should keep an eye on the current price, communications, trend chart, and team info of the crypto. The tracker should also provide you with a detailed crypto portfolio of your holdings, and profit /loss.

Constantly provide Detailed trading analysis

A crypto tracker should have a detailed analysis of trades and assets. The analysis should be broken down into asset location, most used exchanges, asset source, investment status, and trades.

This still leaves you with several options to choose from, we’d advise on Delta, found on However, there are various other options, and now you know how to pick the one that’s right for you. Good Luck!

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