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Crypto Scams | ZAZA : A possible Pyramid Scheme?


ZAZA is decentralized Business platform and B2B social network, developed for the evolution of companies’​ business activity and their optimal transparency, powered by blockchain technology.

The platform helps companies to do business in a much easier way through reliable effective mechanisms and a B2B social network dedicated to companies partnership.

ZAZA connects companies, buyers & sellers. Through the access to worldwide business communities, the users of the platform will get chance for potential partnerships within the regional and international level.

ZAZA’s ultimate goal is to aid companies to run their business efficiently, develop trust between business partners across the globe and provide secure and protected transactions through blockchain implementation and smart contracts technology.

RED Flags


•70% of the funds collected from the Presale and ICO will be directed to a marketing campaign to increase platform awareness. Only 15% of the project funds will go towards developing the product.

• ZAZA implements a referral rewards scheme for ICO and Presale participants. The referral schemes are well-documented and considered tactics of MLM and pyramid scams.

• ZAZA’s whitepaper fails to describe even the basic mechanism of its B2B marketplace and is rife with empty buzzwords. How Small and Medium Enterprises will ‘promote their business and make deals’ is relatively unknown which is the core pillar of the ZAZA platform. The website is currently not reachable.

•ZAZA claims to provide the MVP before the token sale. But it seems their product is still at the flowchart level, which establishes that they are still very far from MVP production release. The actual platform which is provided as MVP fails to project the idea and real promises of ZAZA and is merely a clunky web-store

• It is possible that the tokens could easily be replaced by native currencies, as shown on the alleged MVP, prices are actually depicted in fiat!

• Investor relations specialist Seif Mohey does not list the project on his LinkedIn, but rather seems to work for Neo-Science Group which seems like a dubious pseudo-medical products company with an unavailable website.

• The project is only selling 53% of the supply. The question arises here is what will be done with the rest of the production?

Devaluation of Token Value looks schemed- Through a ‘Crypto Cash Back’ plan, users will be rewarded in ZAZA tokens for using the platform. 25% of all ZAZA tokens are allocated for this purpose and are to be distributed as per a diffusion strategy over the next 3 to 5 years. It is probable for the value of ZAZA Tokens to be affected by the constant influx of this Token supply.


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