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Crypto Experts to Discuss Adoption, Investment, Disruption, and Regulations at UCIM


The world we live in continues to evolve, and evolve in a way that we’ve never seen before. Technology has played a major role in this transformation. What we do, why we do, and how we do are to a great extent governed by the foundations of today’s and tomorrow’s technologies. Regulations and third-party intermediaries in technology, however,  continue to haunt and threaten the derailment of the growth prospect.

Welcome ‘Decentralization’! Decentralization is the future of tomorrow’s technology. Offering a robust crypto-based ecosystem that’s transparent, fair, reliable, fast and secured, decentralization has the power as well as the potential to explore and achieve possibilities which seemed unfathomable till yesterday. It is the future of Internet Money.

UCIM (United Conference of Internet money), being held at Singapore on the 26th and 27th of November 2018, realizes the dynamism of decentralization, and that’s why the event is designed to be a catalyst for harnessing the potential of futuristic technologies, along with creating new opportunities.

UCIM brings together a platform that accommodates industry leaders, start-ups, eminent personalities and investors who believe in the power of a decentralized economy. By forging meaningful, self-sustaining and long-lasting partnerships, UCIM is the event conglomerate for breaking the shackles of the centralized economy doctrines and portray to the world, the true and just opportunities that the decentralized based futuristic technologies are capable of offering.

The conference’s agenda is a strong 4-point formula, that seeks to cater to the world’s curiosity for next-gen technologies. For doing so, several top crypto experts and industry leaders from varied domains will be there to have unbiased discussions and provide expert opinions. The objective is to know the best path for achieving the optimum concomitant of the futuristic technologies’ output.

Adoption: Integrating the crypto economy with the mainstream is by no means a small feat. It requires exploring the possibilities, deep-diving into the technologies itself and offering solutions. These solutions aren’t just meant to solve a problem but to open a new dimension to the way the futuristic technologies can enhance the economy and people’s lives in general.

Investment: The manifestation of any new idea or a dream requires the faith and backing of people who believe in the same. By getting together investors along with startups and experts, UCIM aims to provide the right platform for discussions about investments, long-lasting investor relations, and the requisites of operating and maintaining a successful international business.

Disruption: To delineate and explore the industry-specific scope and discuss problems, opportunities, and solutions that can offer a seamless opportunity for growth, expansion, and disruption.

Regulations: It’s equally important to know and understand the regulations that the prevalent system is bound to along with their impact on the decentralized industry. The success of futuristic technologies to a certain extent is greatly depended on the thorough understanding of the regulations and their associated risks, impediments and the magnification of the possible opportunities.

UCIM brings together some of the finest minds and leaders of the crypto-industry and offers a unique opportunity to share, discuss and forge relationships that are bound to usher in a neo-revolution. It provides just the platform that’s needed to let the world know about the endless possibilities and benefits of the crypto-based economy. The world of decentralisation is an untapped treasure that’s waiting to be explored, nurtured and, mined for a world that’s yet to realize its complete potential. UCIM’s vision of a decentralisation economy is a reality that’s well on its way to manifestation.

For participating in UCIM as a speaker, media partner, exhibitor or sponsor write to [email protected].

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