Crypto Coin and Token Tracker: Keeping Tab On Your Crypto Portfolio

Keeping track of your crypto coin and token ought to be a stroll in the park, but it is not always like that. In a crypto market that is constantly changing, with innovation and new features offered at a rapid pace, tracking your crypto assets has become a seemingly difficult task to achieve. Your crypto portfolio entails all investments across a number of digital assets in the crypto market. It might be a combination of assets like BNB, BTC, SOL, ETH, DOT, etc. 

Your portfolio comes with different risks to suit your appetite as an investor. As an investor in the crypto market, you need to focus on your risk exposure. Tracking your crypto asset portfolio will enable you to be in tune with what is happening in the market as it affects your holdings. 

What is a crypto coin or token tracker?

A crypto coin tracker or crypto-token tracker is an application, either mobile or web, that keeps you updated on the worth of your crypto portfolio at every point in time. The tracker will monitor and display your investments in different crypto assets in real-time. This tracking software connects with the various crypto exchanges to provide you with updates as well as display the current balance to its users. There are some of these crypto coin trackers that also connect with the crypto wallets of users. 

Why do you need a crypto token tracker?

Crypto portfolio tracking has become increasingly complex with diversification. Although most crypto exchanges offer a restricted number of crypto assets, some offer multiple functionalities. You may be staking on Uniswap while earning in Binance at the same time and at the same time trading futures on FTX. To build a diverse crypto portfolio, you will need multiple exchanges. This is where the crypto token tracker comes in handy.

These trackers provide users with a unified dashboard where they can easily keep track of their portfolio with only a click away. With the increasing number of crypto assets, it has become increasingly important to utilize these crypto coin trackers to monitor your investments. Although you can use traditional spreadsheets, they are time-consuming and demand you to update them manually. On the other hand, with software like the crypto portfolio tracking software, users can easily access their net worth overview and monitor their gains or losses.  

In essence, a crypto token tracker helps you conserve time and energy with its efficiency. Now, you have more time to think about your investment decisions and market dynamics. 

Choosing the best crypto coin tracker for your portfolio

Today, we have many cryptos and token trackers on the crypto market. However, certain things differentiate the best trackers from the rest in the market. Now, the question is, how do you choose the right one? When searching for a crypto portfolio tracker, always go for the one that ticks more than 80% of these points:

  • The tracker must integrate with a wide range of crypto exchanges.
  • We currently have more than 11,000 tokens on the market. Therefore, an efficient tracker should integrate as many numbers of these crypto-assets as possible. 
  • The tracker ought to integrate new assets as soon as they enter the market. You need to ensure your preferred tracker has a quick reaction time in this regard. 
  • Your chosen tracker must provide a real-time result with 24/7 monitoring ability. Also, all the data gathered from exchanges must be accurate at all times. 
  • Lastly, your crypto tracker must be secure. 


At a time that a momentary mistake can have a damaging impact on your crypto portfolio, these crypto coin trackers appear to be the perfect solution. It is not just enough to have a crypto token tracker; you must ensure you have the very best in the market.  

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