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Crypto-Art Series: Week I

Crypto Art

People often wonder, why Art! What is the point?

Art is the best form of representation. A platform for the recognition of identities and culture.

The most potent form of creative human expression, enriching the human experience. Understanding art and sharing it helps with forging community values.

So, to engage an all-new generation of Art Patrons, Crypto Art for the Crypto Enthusiasts. It’s an all-out effort at expanding the crypto-art base. After all, what’s humankind without Art!

Welcome to this week’s artist review. We are showcasing some intriguing artworks from  Lucho Poletti (HODL Crypto), Nanu Berks and Vesa.

 If anybody asks the artist what’s his inspiration behind this artwork :
“I’m doing this because I believe firmly in the future of cryptocurrencies”- HODL Crypto


HODL Crypto


“Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you are waiting”- Buddha
And this artwork persuades every bitcoiner to imbibe this virtue in them.
Hyberbitcoinization will take time.




This Bitcoin art piece via  Lynx Collection is inspired by Bitcoin’s price. This artwork explains the current market cap situation of cryptocurrencies very aptly.


Lynx Collection


“Which Side” inspired by the book Metropolis compels you to choose a side, whether to adapt to the decentralized world or turn a blind eye to it.


Book Metropolis


Through this artwork, Nanu Berks represents the feeling of change and acceptance we must allow in order to transition into a new system.”When we feel we are “nowhere” we are also “” said Berks. This applies to market waves and the diverse lenses and opinions as we move into mass adoption.


Nanu Berks


Facing the Ether is Nanu Berks’s stupendous artwork, comprising of abstraction of Ethereum prices & charts and the original logo using the color palette of its earlier renderings.

Nanu Berks's stupendous


The ‘Fork And Flip” piece by artist and the founder of, VESA. Among other things, this artwork helps to see the natural part of the winter to the summer,” said VESA.

Fork and Flip


This is another artwork ‘Red Eye’ by VESA.

Red Eye


The artist, Christina Hess created the artwork “The Halving” in 2016 in celebration of the Bitcoin Halving. “The Halvening” is an event that occurs approximately every four years wherein there is a reduction in the rate in which new bitcoin is released.




This piece “Rose DNA” by Nanu Berks is made of rose, lavender and jasmine petals, with upcycled computer hardware, to remember to honor a compassionate balance with nature as we move forward.


Rose DNA

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