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Crypterium launches Virtual Card with Apple Pay Integration 

Crypterium is a digital payments company that has been pioneering innovative solutions in the financial markets since 2013. They first hit the ground running with the Crypterium UnionPay card which saw a lot of traction immediately because it gave users from more than 150 countries access to buy, sell, and transact with their cryptocurrency holdings. 

Crypterium Virtual Visa Card

Today, Crypterium is taking it a step further with the launch of Crypterium Virtual Card – a Virtual Visa card that can be integrated directly with Apple Pay for a seamless checkout experience at more than 500,000 retailers worldwide. Effective immediately, users can apply for the Virtual Card through Crypterium’s website or the Crypterium app at no extra cost and get access to it almost instantly. For people that fancy a physical card, one can apply for it and quickly have it delivered anywhere across the globe. From the looks of it, users might only want the physical card for vanity, since it does have a cool design. However, it pretty much does the same thing as the virtual card — i.e. pay for purchases. 

The Crypterium team is primarily known for empowering cryptocurrency users via the Crypterium App, a hassle-free Crypto-to-Fiat conversion platform. The app, named one of the “Emerging 50 Rising Stars in FinTech” by KPMG, boasts of a host of features that bridge the gap between payment merchants and crypto users. Until now, users of the app could transfer money to and from the app via debit card, use the in-app exchange for crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat conversions, and top up the Crypterium Union Pay or Visa card. 

Apple Pay Integration

Going forward, users can also top up the new Crypterium Virtual Card through the app and use it via Apple Pay for secure transactions at any merchant within Apple’s payment network. Considering that the world is also witnessing a sharp rise in digital and contactless payments due to COVID-19, the ability to use “Tap-to-Pay”, Apple Pay’s most convenient feature, should make transactions a breeze for many. 

Crypterium Announces Co-Branding With Visa

Earlier this year, Crypterium announced the signing of their much awaited co-branding with Visa in Europe. This was an instrumental move for the team as their Union Pay cards left a lot to be desired in terms readily being accepted virtually anywhere. But the partnership with Visa changed that. It opened the door for anyone around the world to start using Crypterium cards and became the world’s most accepted card soon after.

Virtual Card Features And Benefits

Users can order the new Crypterium Virtual Visa Card through the app for free and can top-up their card upto a daily limit of €5000. Crypterium’s virtual cards are no different in terms of tariffs and spending or withdrawal limits, barring cash withdrawals at ATMs. Users can spend up to €10,000/month in stores or online, which the team believes will be more than sufficient for most users, considering the lack of social activity in these troubled times. Crypterium is facilitating this entire experience for a nominal monthly fee of €2.99 per user for either the virtual card or the physical card, or both. However, if you can maintain a minimum balance of €299 in your card, you can have the monthly fee waived-off entirely. 

While a crypto payments card is no ground-breaking invention in 2020, as proven by Crypterium’s predecessors in the space such as WireX, MCO, and Coinbase, the Virtual Card’s integration with Visa and Apple Pay is certainly a game changer. Joining thousands of mainstream financial banks, Crypterium is now a trusted partner of the Apple payments solution used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Furthermore, considering the fact that Binance’s debit cards are no longer powered by Visa, it is evident that these partnerships could potentially leapfrog Crypterium much ahead of the competition in the global payment solutions industry. In addition, the team’s decision to keep the card virtual by default is a step in the right direction since it removes the need for a physical card which usually comes with more than a few security risks

All things considered, Crypterium looks to be making big moves in this space and have claimed their footing in the race for mainstream adoption by making it effortless to pay through the new Crypterium Virtual Visa Card. 

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