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Cricket South Africa falls Prey to $70,000 Bitcoin Twitter Scam: Sells Bitcoin Lottery

South Africa

The South African National Cricket Organization fell prey to scammers on Twitter offering fake Bitcoin lottery. Interestingly, Cricket South Africa (CSA) tweeted their participation in the scheme early morning. Later, the official Twitter account was compromised overnight resulting in multiple tweets trying to sell bitcoin lottery. It all began at 4.20 AM IST on Monday with the tweet stating-


Staff claims that  the organization begun it’s partnership with Luno, a United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency wallet, via which users could win a prize worth 20 BTC ($70,900).



The tweet mentions-



The Continued Menace

The compromised nature and spam tweets continued in the morning with two more post 9 AM in the Indian time zone. Also, the tweet included a Bitcoin address to which those wishing to be involved should send a 0.01 BTC, and was active for around five hours.

“Apologies to all our Twitter followers who were affected by the hack overnight,”


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CSA subsequently wrote in a follow-up tweet after confirming their Twitter was back under their control.  Moreover, in a separate message, Luno also confirmed the news was not authentic, officials stating:




Also, the Bitcoin address used in the scam contained a balance of 0.02 BTC ($70) as per  press time. Furthermore, this suggests only two users sent funds.

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