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Credits Project Launches New Mainnet Release

Recently, Credits Project has come up with the new release of its blockchain network. This new network version is handed out for the public installation and can be used by the users and validators across the world.

The primary goal of their latest Mainnet version is supporting the increasing demand for the infrastructure services and updates their current system. Over 120 nodes operated by validators are handling the operability of the blockchain platform.

This new version by the Credits Project includes many amazing benefits over their previous software. Some of the noticeable improvements introduced in this version are the higher level of the decentralization and reinforcement of the security measures that will fight DDoS attacks.

One more introduction is a new delegation function that offers its users the ability to delegate the funds without any transferring ownership. This particular function is one important step in launching their Staking program that targets to improve the overall revenue of node operators as well as create that much capacity of forming the staking pools.

The Credits project plans to develop their infrastructure and already has attracted huge attention to the small, medium and big companies who want to decentralize their financial operations. This project involves over 200 partnerships with many top companies, which include Oracle, Alibaba, IBM, and many more.

The team at Credits project continues working on this network, with the launch of their Mobile Wallet and stablecoin in the upcoming future.

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