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Creators can Sell their Content as NFTs and Engage with Fans Through Melon, the Cross-chain Decentralized Platform for Social Content

Melon introduces a platform for social media influencers to use the power of NFTs and generate new forms of revenue, whilst connecting with fans in more meaningful ways. 

NFTs have been a game-changer in the world of digital ownership, yet they are largely limited to very specific applications such as digital art, collectables, and in-game items. Their true potential as a representation of social value remains unfulfilled. Melon is a blockchain platform that addresses this gap.

Why Melon NFTs?

Online content platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok have created opportunities for people worldwide to post engaging content that attracts viewers. These creators rely on their fans and viewers to monetize their content as an income source. However, traditional platforms that provide this creative outlet are not truly creator-centric, in spite of what they might claim. They limit what creators can achieve and retain control over the way content is monetized.

Nearly all platforms work on an ad and commission driven business model, where they take control of all content created. Everything that an influencer creates, posts, or says automatically becomes the property of the platform. Earnings made from all of this are pocketed by these platforms and only a small percentage goes back to the creator.

Worse still, the platforms use creators as assets that can be sold for profit. All their data, along with that of their fans, is collected and sold to big data firms and other research organizations, without the users having a say in it.

Your Creation, Your Ownership

Melon leverages blockchain to allow all types of content to be digitized and represented in NFT form. As unique crypto tokens, these NFTs are owned by the content creator, not the platform. The rarer a piece of content is perceived, the higher its monetary value. Unlike on other creator platforms, the vast majority of the profits generated by the content goes straight into the creators’ wallets. This reduces the need for an intermediary between creators and their fans, who can interact directly via the NFTs.

Melon goes beyond turning social content into NFTs, though. Creators can attach exclusive benefits for the buyers of their NFTs, which creates a higher demand for these assets. Examples include one-on-one calls, advice, or unreleased merchandise and music.

Melon already has over 100 content creators signed up with 300 million followers across social platforms. These include top-notch names, such as:

  • Timothy Chantarangsu: A comedian and a rapper, Chantarangsu has amassed 4.22 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • SwagboyQ: Considered as one of the biggest TikTok superstars, the influencer commands a mass following of highly engaged fans.
  • Omar Bolden: An NFL superstar and  Super Bowl champion, his fans love to consume his inspirational content.

Users Get to Own the Platform

The Melon platform aspires to be more than just an NFT platform for content creators. The Melon team is working on a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which will grant holders of its $MELON ERC-20 token voting rights in the platform’s future developments. 

Melon sees itself as a one-stop platform for top social assets where people can seamlessly trade social NFTs, which are fast becoming an integral part of the emerging metaverse industry. 

With the first creator drop scheduled in December, Melon is set to become one of the most significant NFT launches this year. 

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