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Craig wright showed documents that claim the origin Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym.

nChain chief Mr Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin, is not backing down from his statement that he is the real creator of Bitcoin. On 19 December 2019, he reveals a document claiming the origins of Satoshi Nakamoto name. The interview was published by industry news outlet modern consensus, and the documents represent an article from a digital database of academic journals on 5 January of 2008. The article of JSTOR is related to a person named Tominaga Nakamoto living in Japan. Tominaga Nakamoto lives in japan from 1715 to 1746.

The document showed by Craig wright has some handwritten notes which compare Tominaga Nakamoto as Adam smith of Japan. Wright says in the interview that he choose the name Nakamoto to honour the Japanese Adam smith Tominaga Nakamoto. He also stated that Tominaga Nakamoto is the real inspiration behind the famous name of Satoshi Nakamoto in Crypto-currency community.

  •  Wright says that he accessed the article of JSTOR before six months of publishing of bitcoin white paper on 1st May of 2008.
  •  Wright told the interview with a little laugh that "Tominaga Nakamoto’s character was upright and quite but impatient, and it sounds like my character.

JSTOR Article compares Nakamoto as Adam smith
According to the article of JSTOR Nakamoto was Japanese Adam smith and rewarded as the father of modern economics. According to some handwritten notes at the time when feudal ruler Shogun was facing financial and economic crisis, he helped shogun to get out from that crisis with his great commercial ideas.

  •  Wright says the economic ideas of Nakamoto were the reason for the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The first word of this name Satoshi means “intelligent learning” that helps one to access the knowledge conquered by his ancestors.
  •  When wright was claiming for Satoshi Nakamoto, he also told the plaintiff that he was not able to finance $3.7 billion for the settlement of the case that David Kleiman initiated against him to be one of the first developers behind Bitcoin.
  •  David Kleiman died in the year 2013, and he was a cybersecurity expert. Many of the people of the cryptocurrency community also believe that he was one of the first developers of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. According to those people, Craig Wright is not the real creator of  Bitcoin.
  • David Kleimans brother Ira Kleiman initiated the case accusing wright of stealing the bitcoins worth over $5 million after the death of David Kleiman. The case was launched in February of 2018.

Craig Wright is trying his best for proving that the case initiated by the Ira Klieman is absolutely a bluff and he is the real creator of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He stated in the interview that his character is similar to the Tominaga Nakamoto, and he also has some brilliant economics ideas like Nakamoto. The time-stamped document from JSTOR is supposed to prove the origin of Satoshi Nakamoto, but the people are finding it too blurry way to decide.

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