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CosVM’s CVM Wallet Expands Reach with Chrome Extension Integration

CosVM’s CVM Wallet Expands Reach with Chrome Extension Integration

[Banglore 07/03/2024] – The world of cryptocurrency continues to grow and evolve each day. As adoption increases, crypto users require wallets that provide accessibility, functionality, and security to manage their digital assets. While hardware wallets and mobile apps paved the way, browser extensions have emerged as the next evolution in crypto wallets. 

CosVM aims to be the lead of this innovation with the launch of its for Chrome. This new extension provides crypto holders with the best platform to interact with digital currencies directly within the Chrome browser. Key features include:

– Secure self-custody wallet creation with Single Sign-On 

– Streamlined connectivity to decentralized apps and services

– Intuitive interface for transacting and managing crypto assets

By integrating a crypto wallet into a widely used browser, CosVM removes the need to toggle between platforms. Users can access their holdings anywhere Chrome is available, with the peace of mind that comes from industry-leading security practices. As the crypto ecosystem advances, the Extension offers an optimal gateway to tap into its potential.


The CVM Wallet Extension integrates easily into Chrome, allowing users to access their crypto assets directly within the browser without switching between multiple platforms. Once installed from the Chrome Web Store, the extension appears like any other add-on inside Chrome. 

Users can simply click the extension icon to access their wallets and manage their crypto portfolios. Whether checking balances, sending transactions, or interacting with dApps, everything takes place within the comfort of the Chrome browser that users already know and love.

This creates a smooth and unified experience for users. Crypto is now instantly accessible alongside normal web browsing – no more flipping between apps and platforms.  

The easy in-browser access makes crypto more inviting to mainstream users. It demonstrates how blockchain technology can integrate into environments people already use daily. For seasoned crypto users, it provides a familiar interface to manage digital assets without missing a beat. The Extension blends crypto management directly into the browser, removing friction and making blockchain more accessible.

Self-Custody Wallet

Enables true self-custody, giving users full control over their cryptocurrency assets. Unlike centralized exchanges, users can create a wallet directly within the extension using their Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts like Google or Twitch.  

There is no need to rely on a third-party custodian to hold funds. Users retain their private keys, meaning they have complete ownership of their assets at all times. The private keys never leave the user’s browser, ensuring optimal security.

With the Wallet Extension, users can confidently transact on the blockchain without compromising the core ethos of decentralization and self-sovereignty. Whether interacting with dApps, sending payments, or simply holding crypto assets, users remain firmly in control.  

The self-custody architecture is a crucial advantage that aligns with cryptocurrency’s foundational principles. Users can leverage the convenience of an in-browser wallet while still owning their private keys and maintaining full authority over their funds.

How the CVM Wallet Extension Works

The Extension is designed for ease of use. Here are the easy steps to get started:

  1. Install from Chrome Web Store – The extension can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store in just a few clicks. Users just need to search for “CVM Wallet” and click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension.
  2. Set Up Wallet and Link to dApps – Upon installation, users can configure their wallet within the extension. This includes creating a wallet address and linking the wallet to any decentralized apps they wish to connect to. The wallet setup process is intuitive for both new and experienced crypto users.
  3. Manage Transactions from Interface – Once the wallet is configured, users can easily manage crypto transactions right from the CVM Wallet interface. They can initiate sends and receives, track transaction history, view crypto balances, and more. The streamlined interface makes conducting transactions simple and hassle-free.

The CVM Wallet Extension removes the need to toggle between multiple websites and apps. Users can access their crypto effortlessly from the convenience of the Chrome browser.

Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of user funds and information are of paramount importance to CosVM. It has been designed with industry-leading security features:

Encryption – All sensitive user data, including private keys, is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Private keys are encrypted locally on the user’s device before any information is transmitted or stored in the cloud. This prevents unauthorized access and safeguards user privacy.

Regular Updates – The extension undergoes regular security audits and updates to ensure the highest security standards are maintained. Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are conducted by external security researchers to identify and address any potential weaknesses.

Community Support  – Users can rest assured knowing CosVM’s dedicated community support team is available to assist with any security-related queries. Users can get help to recover access, report suspicious activities, and learn security best practices through CosVM’s help center and forums.

With its main encryption, timely updates, and helpful community support, users can trust CosVM to keep their funds and information safe and secure within the CVM Wallet Extension. Security is an integral focus across all of CosVM‘s products and services.

Reliability is Built In

It is architected for maximum reliability and stability. Main coding practices ensure the extension can withstand high transaction volumes and continues functioning during times of network congestion. 

Extensive stability testing is conducted on both the extension codebase and supporting infrastructure. Engineers simulate a wide range of real-world scenarios to validate performance under stress. Issues uncovered during testing are promptly addressed before release.

Since launching, the has achieved an exceptional uptime… 

Company: CosVM Labs

Name: Gazna Hamza 




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