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Community Driven Platform EOSex redefining Crypto Trading


Cryptocurrencies have changed the face of the modern economy. With the rapid expansion of the crypto industry, the trading volumes of the cryptocurrencies have also been on an exponential rise. The boom in the crypto industry seemed to have generated considerable interest in the centralized industries as well with many of them issuing tokens on the Ethereum protocol using the ERC20 token standard. Each new blockchain projects ushers in a step closer towards decentralization and the shift from the Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm has only expanded the functionalities and possibilities of the blockchain industry.

The prevalent challenges

Though the crypto industry is predicted with a phenomenal growth, persistent issues threaten to derail the same.

  1. Low trading volumes as exchanges find it increasingly difficult to add new trading pairs owing to constant increase in the number of new coins.
  2. Listing difficulties on exchanges due to high fees.
  3. Little or no variety available in the types of digital assets.

EOSex as a Solution

EOSex is a global trading platform of quality assets using the new consensus algorithm titled Delegated Proof of Stake. Built on the concept of a distributed government system, the ecosystem is designed to not just provide a robust cryptocurrency trading platform but for a variety of other tokenised derivative financial products. The salient features of the platform are as listed below:

  • High-performance trading– The EOSex blockchain engine ensures trading of high volumes and capability to adjust to sudden changes in large trading volumes. The distributed technology that the engine uses makes certain of uniform workload distribution thus avoiding bottleneck in the process.
  • Secured yet stable– The EOSex platform is designed by a competent team who have ensured faster and secured transactions on the platform with absolute stability at any given time.
  • High Liquidity– The ‘Liquid-Box’ is a component of the platform that’s designed to allow liquidity from all other exchanges to flow into it thereby providing a deep liquidity for all the tokens that are listed on the EOSex exchange. EOSex would also act as a broker for other platform to ensure faster transactions of various crypto assets.
  • Listing Process– EOSex would issue fresh list of potential tokens to be listed on the platform every 15 days. Tokens with the highest proportion of deposits on EOSex relative to the total outstanding tokens would be selected for full listing on the platform.
  • CFD Trading– with this feature the number of various digital assets that can be traded on the platform increases substantially thus rendering increased profits to EOSex. The CFDs would also allow for trading based on the price of underlying assets.
  • On-Chain trading– This model allows users to have full access of the EOS services by depositing minimal amount of EOS.
  • EOSex Proof Tokens (EXP)- These tokens would belong to the entire community and would be used for continuous development of the platform.

A truly community driven platform! #HODL the EXP token and get a share of the exchange's profits! Here's how

Other advantages of trading on the EOSex platform includes availability of 3-100X leveragedeposit USDT to be used as margin and unique diversity in products availability for trading.

EOSex is indeed the next generation cryptocurrency trading platform that’s set to redefine the crypto trade. With the solid foundation of an advanced & seamless technology coupled with the plethora of enhancement rich features, EOSexis on its way to be the leader of the next generation cryptocurrency trading

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